Friday, September 26, 2008

Tough Times?

I found out today that one of my banks failed, Washington Mutual. I could not believe this, I really could not. The good thing is that it was quickly acquired by another bigger bank, JP Mortgage Chase. As I was looking into it, I ran across this video:

Jack Burkman says in the video something like, "People forget...why recessions are so important. You need it to sweep away the crooks, the bums, the inefficient." I just thought that statement was so interesting.

And above is a video about the news of WaMu going out of business. I am just shocked because I thought that this bank was such a great bank. Sure glad I did not have stock in it or anything. I am sure if I did, I would not have been complaining earlier about a $90 car insurance payment that is due at the end of the month. I think I hate money at the moment... lol! Ya! Like anyone can survive in a modern world without it, right? Not of this world, not of this world, not of this world... Maybe if I just keep repeating it, I might just be able to act accordingly. I am just playing, but you know how frustrating money can be sometimes, right? Everyone must. Oh well, life goes on and time stops for no one... until of course the world ends... But who knows when that will be, right? Only the Father knows.

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