Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hotels in Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket

I am trying out something different with this post. I will not say flat out what exactly it is (okay fine, this is kind of like a blog commercial or least an experimental blog commercial), but I just hope that you enjoy the ride. (Aren't some commercials actually funny and entertaining anyway? Though I do have to admit that I find most of them annoying.)

Have you ever thought about visiting Thailand? Or maybe you have already been there and are thinking about going back. Hey, maybe you even live there; I would not be surprised as the Internet knows no bounds. To be honest with you, I really know nothing of the area, and because of this, perhaps this will be a sort of educational post (unless of course if you know all about hotels in Thailand) for EVERYONE. In the title of this post, I have named the country of Thailand and three of the top cities (Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket) in Thailand. What I will do is put a Wikipedia link in for the country and the three cities. That will be where the educational part of this post comes in. (Real teacher like and educational of me, right? But hey, I do enjoy reading and placing Wikipedia links if only just to read the first paragraph in them. After that, sometimes I find there is no point to continue reading the article unless you really need to study it or are very interested in the subject.)

If (by a million to one chance) you are interested in visiting Thailand and are in need of a hotel, perhaps visiting - - may well be worth your time.

For any of my regular readers (if I have any...) this post might seem kind of random and out of the blue (though in the end—well more in the beginning—I did decide to share my exact motive for this post). However, I am really gearing it for anyone who might seek for a hotel in Thailand (or one of the above mentioned cities) through a Google search using some of the words in the title of this post: "Hotels in Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket".

For kicks, here is an example of what I mean:

As expected, this post did not show up on the first page, as I am sure there are plenty of companies competing for that coveted position. Nonetheless, I post this post, just because (maybe someday I will have a better reason for you...).

Enjoy your day and God bless!