Monday, September 22, 2008

The BlackBerry Journals - 9.22.08

At the moment, I am very happy. Why? Well, I really am just free, free until 9am tomorrow morning.

I am chuckling a little bit about a few conversations on Newark Forums. Tellusall kind of cracks me up a bit. It is quite funny.

Anyway, I did a couple things online tonight, such as post a friend's dilemma on a NCH Forum board. I also posted this trackball problem on a board on BlackBerry Forums. I updated my Christian Forums profile, and started a small thread entitled "Professional Bloggers". I browsed messages on Wikipedia, which is turning out to be more fun then I thought. For some reason, I keep getting this "the honorable Timothy Shields". Now I know the mayor of Newark carries that title and perhaps judges, but why me? Why? Because of I am using my "real" name online and in order for people to know that I am trustworthy, the title is appropriate. The honorable Timothy P. Shields. I think that sounds funny but quite catchy...

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