Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ is one of my favorite movies, and below you can watch it all:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12:

Matt Redman - Facedown

Tribute to Our Troops

Above and Beyond with T-Mobile

Wow, the cost of text messaging has gone up! It now costs 20 cents a text message with T-Mobile (at least that is what they charged me for 100 text messages over my 400 a month limit). It has cost me $20 "above and beyond" my normal cell phone bill to send 100 extra text messages. With that being said, it was a good thing that I called to find out for sure why the extra charge, as this month I am already "above and beyond" 200 text messages of my 400 a month limit. They said they where going to charge me $44 extra for this next bill unless I upgraded to 1000 text messages a month (for an extra monthly charge of $9.99). I could not refuse (as $9.99 is a lot better then $44), and now I will have a couple extra text messages to spare. Yikes though, 20 cents a messages just is not cost efficient if you ask me. Add a text message plan if you don't want to get ripped off, and if you text a lot, don't skimp on the plan or you will regret it later.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life at the Mission Today

Today, I woke up early (7am) and went to the FoodBank (in Hillside, NJ) to help with the Mission's monthly food shopping there. Today's trip also happened to be the Mission's yearly trip to prepare for Thanksgiving.

For noonday service, we presented Glory of Zion International Ministries 6am prayer meeting, which is a webcast on demand.

After service, I helped to move and organize the food that we picked up from the FoodBank this morning.

Lastly, at around 7:30pm, we finished with a bible study (by John Giresi) about God's grace.

That concludes: "Life at the Mission Today."

Monday, November 17, 2008

True Love is Unconditional

It is 12:30am here in the city of Newark, and I just feel like writing. I will probably be up for awhile being that I just drank a couple cups of coffee and took a nap after church. It is okay though, being that I don't have to work tomorrow (or should I say "today"?)

At the moment, I figure that the best I can do with my life is to just keep busy, but I just wish I had more money (I am sure I am not the only one). So far from this blog I have made $5 (I suppose that it is better then nothing). Before I went to Hawaii in May, I hadn't even made a dollar. I think a large amount of people found this blog recently through the YouTube video of Kim Clement (Kim Clement on presidential race, the White House and so on) that I posted online. I have even had more comments then ever before too and almost don't know what to do with them all.

Lately, I have been thinking about creating a real website like Steve Pavlina. He created, and in this post, How to Make Money From Your Blog, he claims to make $1000 a day from the website. If you took a look, you can tell that website is very successful, and it makes me believe that anything is possible when it comes to making money online.

If you really think about it though, there is so much that one can choose to do in this life. The thought has even crossed my mind to go back to Essex County College this spring. I also thought about truck driving part-time too, for extra cash. I called Murod to see if he could hook me up, but he still has not gotten back to me. It seems though, that I don't necessarily need a second job if I don't mind not having more money. And to be honest, I don't seem to have a problem finding things to do that I enjoy.

Speaking about making extra money though, a real strange thought has crossed my mind lately—acting/modeling. Recently I made this acting/modeling profile for Explore Talent. Some guy even called me from that website and said there was going to be an audition for a "mafia movie" close by. He also said I had a "leg breaker look" (as in if you don't pay up, I'll break your legs). I had to ask what he meant because I had not a clue. I then responded by saying, "Well that is a first, I have never heard that one before."

I honestly don't know if Explore Talent is legit, as he did tell me there is a yearly fee of $200. He said that they did not claim to be an agency, but just helped to get people work. $200 would be great if they where actually legit.

When I asked what the pay would be to get a roll in the mafia movie, he said about "$4000 to $6000," biweekly, as it would be union work. I have to laugh because that sounds like a dream come true, but is Explore Talent really legit? I don't know, and maybe if I had a little cash to spare, I would be willing to give it a shot.

However, the way it looks at the moment, I am going to be broke until the end of the month paying bills. One of the only things that I do know for sure is that God has a plan and He is in control. Money, money, money, it is a crazy little thing, isn't it? The only thing that I can think of at the moment that gives me peace and comfort, is this scripture:

[Let your] conversation [be] without covetousness; [and be] content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, The Lord [is] my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me. Hebrews 13:5&6

In the end when I am old and gray, will I really be asking the question: "How could I have made more money?"

I don't think so, I think I will be asking something more like: "Have I been a good and faithful servant?" (as in Matthew 25:21.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Making Money with Barack Obama

I think that our (that is of course if you are an American) soon to be president, Barack Obama, is a big money maker when it comes to blogging. I don't want to really write much at the moment, as it is late, but the idea and title of this blog just crossed my mind: I thought it would be a good idea to make a post/write something about it real quick. What do you guys think about people blogging about Barack Obama just to make money? (To be honest, I can't say that I have not already done it.) I know he is very popular, but at the same time half America did not vote for him. Personally, I think I have already said enough in previous posts concerning how I feel about him and the elections; but how about you guys, how do you guys feel about Barack Obama and people writing about him just to make money? I suppose if you already like him, it would be a dream come true, right? Anyway, ya, now that I think about it, that is why I am even writing this post; I am actually attempting to fulfil this post's title with the words that I am writing right now. Okay, I gotta stop, like I said in the beginning of this post, I did not want to write to much. God bless!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Abortion is Legal, Racism is Dead

This post is for all those who voted for McCain and Palin with the reason of curbing legal abortion in this country; in the end, that is why I voted for them too. God has given me peace (for the most part) concerning the elections, but I could not figure out or justify, in my mind, Dutch Sheets' response to the election. Anyway, yesterday evening, I received this three part email from Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion International Ministries that seemed to give wisdom and shed some light on the issue:

How Will You Bend With The Wind of Change?

November 13, 2008

Dear Connected Ones:

Penny Jackson is a dear friend from Houston. Many of you saw her set apart as a Zion Aligned Pastor. Penny stayed and weathered Hurricane Ike in August when Hurricane Ike came on shore in Texas. Recently, she wrote this wonderful letter. In a year of submission, we must submit to the wind of change that comes into our lives.

Following Penny's article is a short note from Linda Heidler, one of the Pastors and Counselors here at Glory of Zion International. Linda fasted and prayed prior to the election and the Lord dealt with her over the changes that were coming in days ahead.

I would encourage you to sign up now for Starting the Year off Right on January 1-4 to gain perspective of the winds of change that will be coming through the year ahead. More details on that gathering are provided at the close of this email.

Chuck Pierce

How Will You Bend with the Wind of Change? by Penny Jackson

Three months have passed since Hurricane Ike visited us in the Houston area. While most things are back in order in my part of Houston, an odd uprooted tree can still be seen, and those with fireplaces will have all of the firewood they need for this year, hand delivered to their house by Ike.

Although I had plywood over most of my windows, there was one uncovered window in my kitchen, and in my braver moments I would look out of it. I will say this: the arrival of the hurricane was beautiful and full of majesty. First the wind bands and clouds approached. Later in the evening when the storm was at its height, an intensity of colors I have seldom seen stretched in bands across the horizon - turquoises, golds, and pinks.

My area has tall pine trees everywhere; I personally have seven in my front and back yard combined. The Lord used the trees in my part of town to speak a principal to me. As I looked toward the horizon, I could see the silhouettes of these pines sway back and forth, reminding me of seaweed at the bottom of the sea that bends and waves with the current of the ocean. Perhaps this image came to me because the sound of the storm was like the relentless crashing of waves against a beach, ebbing and then coming back full force. I was surprised at the flexibility of these tall giants.

The next morning the debris on the ground was hard to believe--tree branches, leaves, plants everywhere. Through God's mercy few houses in our area were affected, but the trees took a huge hit. When the wind died down, people began to come out of their houses and walk around the neighborhood. As I walked through the neighborhood, I saw oaks uprooted, lying on their sides with huge root spans completely exposed. Some of these were eight feet in diameter. There were other uprooted types of trees whose names I don't know. Littered on the ground were a countless number of pine limbs and cones, and even tops of trees. However, I eventually realized that I never saw an uprooted pine tree.

The Lord kept talking to me about this as the days went on. He showed me that the pine trees were able to survive the storm because they were able to move with the winds, even these hurricane-force winds. Yes, they had some damage, but they weren't uprooted as those trees that were inflexible.

I began to see a clear picture of what the Lord was attempting to say to me. We are entering into some very stormy times. The gale force winds will come, it seems. Things will not go as our hearts might desire. However, this is not a time to be inflexible and hold on to ideas and beliefs that no longer have a place in our world. Keeping ourselves firmly rooted with our eyes on the Lord, we must be flexible as the winds change and swirl around us.

November 5, 2008

Dear Chuck,

Last Friday I stayed home and fasted and prayed. I was so distressed about the election. During that time the Lord asked, "Do you want Me to intervene so things can stay the same or do you want Me to intervene for change?" I came to the conclusion before the Lord that if America chose Barak Obama, I needed to submit quickly to this change so I could pray effectively in the changes that would come to this Nation.

The next thing that troubled me was that if Obama was elected, we would not see the Supreme Court shift so that Roe v Wade could be corrected. The Lord said that the issue was not the law legalizing abortion but the moral condition of America being such that a woman would choose to have an abortion. If the law remains unchanged but women choose not to have abortions, then the law is irrelevant. The real issue on God's heart is not whether we have passed a law forbidding abortion but whether we as a nation have repented, changed our minds and actions, concerning the value of the unborn of the next generation. Until that change occurs, we are just trying to bring moral change through legalism. God wants to do more than just shift the Supreme Court. He wants to shift the heart of America.

I am so thankful for all you have done this year to address racism. I am hoping our nation will be spared some major traumas in the future, because of what you have done in the past to lead us in addressing that spirit with its Anti-Semitic root.

Bless you,
Linda Heidler

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am on Fire!

A few short minutes ago I was lying on my bed and had a vision that I was on fire. There is so much to it though, and as I was thinking about it, it occurred to me that I should blog about it.

I think it all started Tuesday at Sitting at the Feet of Jesus (our regular Tuesday service here at the House of Mercy Mission). For the service, we where all given a small slip of paper with a unique name of God. I received the "Ancient of days" in Daniel 7:9.

I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment [was] white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne [was like] the fiery flame, [and] his wheels [as] burning fire.

What we where then asked to do is honor God in our own way using the name that we where given. As I was thinking about the verse (Daniel 7:9), I began to picture the Lord on His throne, his garment as white as snow and his head like pure wool. I then began to see inside the Lord pure fire, raging and burning; I could see it though His eyes, like an almost white pure fire raging, leaving no room for anything impure, wicked or evil. I then honored the Lord and proclaimed that there was no other god beside the Lord, no other that can save beside Jesus.

After service, I overheard a conversation about "commanding the Lord," as in:

Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me. Isaiah 45:11

The actual vision that I am speaking about in the title of this post has to do with tonight. I was thinking about a few things lying on my bed and remembered "command ye me". I then began to command the Lord regarding certain situations in my life that I need help with (basically finances). As I was doing that I remembered "Ancient of days" from Tuesday and also the vision I had of the Lord. I then began to see myself in the vision, from Tuesday, commanding the Lord to give me a great living so that I can take care of what I need to take care. As I was commanding the Lord in the vision, I saw Him start to turn his head toward me and could see the pure white flames of fire in his eyes. Then it was as if He chuckled a bit and a puff of smoke came out of His mouth. He then proceeded to blow the pure white scorching fire at me as you see dragons do in cartoons or movies. I could then see myself on fire, but I was not burning up. I just stood there before the Lord in His presence all lit up with the same pure fire that I saw in the Lords' eyes.

Yeah, so that was my vision that I wanted to share; it was a very good vision if you ask me and am looking forward to seeing the fruit of it manifested in the physical world in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

God bless,


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

I just received this email from a ministry and Christian friend of mine, Varughese Mathew, whom I have known for over 6 years; he is in and from a part of the world that is very foreign to me. I have actually edited it a bit for clarity, but have not really change the content.

Dear Brother Timothy Shields,

Warm greetings from Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

By the grace of God we all are fine here. Next month the second term exams will be starting for all the children. Dec 10th to 14th of this year our general convention will be starting. Pastor Biju Issac from Kerala is the guest speaker of this year. This Christmas we are planning to celebrate different programmes. Every year we are gifting new clothes for all the kids. If you are helping ours then we can provide the new clothes. Please pray for this matter and what God says that you can do. Some of the girls will be selected for the national games Kho Kho. They are going to Madhya Pradesh in January representing for Port Blair. Rajashekar IS selected head boy of his school. Jyothy is almost finishing her tailoring course for one year.

Last few years in your hand through we are looking after these kids here. Some times we are facing too much problems. But God is carrying ours his hands. We are inviting to you and your team at 2009. You can come here and spend some days with us. That is our pleasure.

Everyday in Port Blair the price will be changing. Last month 1 kg rice is 26 Rs. THIS MONTH the same rice is 30 Rs per kg. You cannot believe this, but you can ask any shop here in Port Blair. We are afraid next year how we will look after these kids. Evangelism also we cannot propagate open air. Every time we are praying God open the new doors in our supporters, new jobs and promotion their jobs, blessing their business and family. We believe God has chosen some of them to involved this ministry. God will blessing you definitely. You can see in your eyes at 2009.

In our church ministry:----


LAST 6 MONTHS total 13 people baptised and now 9 of them ready for the baptism.

JHARKAND: last week 5 people baptized and Pastor Dharam Prakash is working 2 villages.

Karnataka: Total opposition about the christian workers. They are making case for the pastors. We haven't got our vehicle from the police custody. They are asking money to release our vehicle. They said you are the people converting Hindus to christian. Give us also money. Anyway we are trying and praying for this matter. We believe God will open the door for this matter. Tamil Nadu also the problems is started.

Saturday in our Port Blair town one Hindu group is conducted one meeting against the christian people. "They are preaching many of them converted to christian, we want to stop it." We are not afraid to human being. God is our refuge. In our heartily thank you everybody. God is great. Please remember ours in your prayer.

Waiting to hear from you,


I'M A LUMBERJACK, AND I'M OK ... of Ads of the Weird on MSNBC

(I wanted to post this article because I actually found the YouTube video that the MSNBC article talks about. Everyone loves a weird commercial, right?)

As I was skimming MSNBC, I ran across this article: I'M A LUMBERJACK, AND I'M OK ...

This particular section of MSNBC talks about strange advertisements and points out the bizarreness in this particular ad/commercial that I found on YouTube:

Basically there is a civil fight between lumber jacks and protesters. The police come and arrest the protesters, however, one of the protesters and a lumber jack are in a relationship. In the end the lumberjack bails his girlfriend out of jail and they ride off on his motorcycle.

Sarah Palin got Pranked

I wonder if there is any prophecy in this video. It is obviously a joke/prank call, but Sarah was told that he (the prank caller) could see her as president one day too. She then responded with maybe in "eight years". This made me think that maybe Barack Obama will serve two terms and then Palin will take the White House in 2016. Of course this is just a guess. I listened and watched Kim's Response to the US Elections yesterday (Monday) and it sounded like he prophesied that whoever won this 2008 election would serve two terms. In the end I don't care who is in office anymore. I may want someone else in office, but that is not going to accomplish anything. Maybe what I want is not even what God wants, thus ultimately opposing God. Maybe the truth is that God has already destined and chosen who is going to be in office (just like I thought for this 2008 election) and so if that is true, why stress or worry about anything? God has got it all under control, our jobs are just to trust Him.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chazown (Hebrews Strong 2377): Prophetic Vision, Divine Revelation

This is actually my first "official" bible study (from Tuesday, October 28, 2008), and it is about the Hebrew word Chazown (Hebrews Strong 2377). The word basically means prophetic vision or divine revelation, and here are two of the most famous places in the bible that it can be found:

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make [it] plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2

For the vision [is] yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Habakkuk 2:3

The bible study was done at the House of Mercy Mission in Newark, NJ.

Palin says she might run for High Office Again

I just wanted to quickly quote this AP news article: Palin says she might run for high office again

Are your ready? Ready or not, "Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she wouldn't hesitate to run for the presidency in four years if it's God's will..."

On 1010 WIN (today) I heard that she said this and could hardly believe it. Here is actually a direct quote from Sarah in the article above:

"I'm like, OK, God, if there is an open door for me somewhere, this is what I always pray, I'm like, don't let me miss the open door," Palin said in an interview with Fox News on Monday. "And if there is an open door in '12 or four years later, and if it is something that is going to be good for my family, for my state, for my nation, an opportunity for me, then I'll plow through that door."

Unbelievable, she is not afraid to talk about "God's will"; for this I give her kudos.

In this Time's article, Remembering Sarah Palin, she is quoted more fully:

"This is what I always do. I'm like, "God, if there is an open door for me somewhere"--this is what I always pray--"don't let me miss the open door. Show me the open door and even if it's just cracked a little bit, maybe I'll plow right no through that, maybe prematurely plow through it, but don't let me miss an open door." And if there is an open door in '12, or four years later, and if it's something that's going to be good for my family, for my state, for my nation, an opportunity for me, then I'll plow through that door."

In this YouTube video of the interview, you can actually hear her say it herself at around 7 minutes into the video:

Oliver Stone's 'W'

Every once in awhile I will see a preview or hear about a movie and get a feeling that I need to see the movie. That was the case for this movie and it was well worth the money that I paid to see it, well worth it.

Palin: 'That was fun'

This is just a short friendly clip of an interview in the Palin's kitchen.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let us Pray for Barack Obama

Hate will not accomplish anything, the man is going to be our president; he needs our prayers.

Lord Father God, I pray that You would protect Barack Obama, that you would lead him and guild him into all truth and righteousness for Your name's sake. I pray that Your will would be done in Barack Obama, and that You would bless him and his family, that you would be with him in these next four years as our president. In Jesus' mighty name I pray, amen.

Barack Obama arrives at the White House

"We want change!" said America and God said, "Elect Obama."

May God continue to bless America and may God bless our future president Barack Obama.

All hail King Jesus: King of kings and Lord of lords to whom every knee will bow and every tough confess, "Jesus is the Lord of all."

Monks Brawl at Jesus' Tomb in Jerusalem

Wow, I am not sure I have ever seen anything like this; I wonder if this is some sort of prophetic sign.

Here is the MSNBC news article: Monks brawl at Christian holy site in Jerusalem

It's A New Day - -

This is a video that I heard about on 1010 WINS on Saturday. It is called "It’s a New Day" and it is by who is "best known as the frontman for the Black Eyed Peas" as this New York Times article states: Hail to the New Chief, With a Music Video

I think it is actually a very catchy song/video just like his/the Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

Songs and videos like these influence a nation.

God bless!

Sarah Palin on the Campaign, Clothes and Returning to Alaska

There was actually a handful of stuff that I wanted to post last night but wanted to wait until my "Who is the Anti-Christ?" post posted on my Facebook account. To be honest, I am still not sure I really like that anti-Christ post as it really bothered me for awhile. I almost could not sleep, but the thought of adding a comment that I personally did not like the post for some reason, seemed to give me comfort and peace. Strangely, someone called me at 5:45am this morning too and really disturbed me by waking me up. I think I was then even more disturbed reading the comment (though I feel I really can't be bothered by things like that) that somone left on the anti-Christ post (as it seemed someone called me just so I could read the comment, talk about crazy!)

Anyway, so back to the reason why I wanted to post this video. I think that this video really shows Sarah Palin's heart. I actually wrote this about the video on someones facebook account yesterday:

"...Politics as usual, but don't forget her nick name (Sarah Barracuda) and that she is a pit bull with lip stick. Check this video out where she rips the press, "you guys aren't doing your job..." Who tells the press that? She is a queen at heart meant to rule, that is for sure.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Who is the Anti-Christ?

Well hello there ya'll, it appears that I have gained some sort of audience somehow (my dream come true). Now, back to business. This question (Who is the Anti-Christ?) has been circling around my head for a couple days now, and I was wondering if I could appropriately create a post asking the question without "crossing the line" (which I am still not sure I can do).

I want you guys to tell me what you think, as I have heard just about everyone imaginable under the sun. This is cool though because you can leave your thoughts anonymously if you want, but I would also prefer if you left your reasons why you feel this person could be the anti-Christ.

Now to be honest, I am almost not very comfortable leaving my thoughts here (for obvious reasons), but I will say a few things. I created a post awhile back in which I said Obama was the first person that came to my mind as I was going over a list of the traits (that I found online) of the anti-Christ. The post is (in itself a VERY LONG, LONG post, just a warning): A Prophetic Word about the Georgia/Russia Conflict from Chuck Pierce and My own Personal Study of the Significance of Friday, August 8, 2008 (8.8.08).

Near the bottom of that post you can find the list that I was talking about (the qualities of the Anti-Christ) and my thought about Obama. I think the post itself is very interesting though, as I did spend hours writing it and researching on the Internet some of the things I wrote about.

Another thing that I will say is that someone recently made a comment on the YouTube video (Kim Clement on presidential race, the White House and so on), which I posted online, that I thought was very interesting. I am just going to copy and paste it right now and say what I thought was interesting about it:

CharlieRight (23 hours ago)

"Obama came in the spirit of Antichrist. he would have won the election even if he had horns. His followers are totally deluded. "I will send a strong delusion upon them and they believe a lie," The world prepares for the rule of the Antichrist. Obama has all of the characteristics. Either he is the one or he is a forerunner."

What I thought was interesting was the forerunner in "Either he is the one or he is a forerunner." This is not a new idea to me (forerunner), as someone shared with me this idea about a month ago.

Anyway, I think that I have said enough, post your thoughts.

Timothy P. Shields

Updating my thoughts (9.12.09): I actually removed this post long ago and saved it as a draft. Don't hate me for this post, if you do fine, but the bible says to love your enemies, and I just want to know the truth. If Obama is the Anti-Christ, I want to know, if he is not, fine, God bless him.

Also, I'm thinking that the main way anyone is going to find this post is through a google search anyway, since it is buried way in the past of this blog. If you do find it through a google search, I'd be glad to know (actually, however you found this post, I'd be glad to know). Thanks, Tim

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kim Clement's: God's Plan for America

GOD'S PLAN FOR AMERICA - "Let us go to the other Side"

I don't know how long this above link will be working, but it goes to a video that Kim Clement put out the night before the (2008) election. I actually watched the whole thing yesterday morning and could tell clearly that (though he did not say it directly) he was prophesying Obama would win. In the video he talked about growing up in South Africa and the bitterness he had over the racism there; how just by the color of your skin, that would determine whether you lived in poverty or not.

Also near the middle of the video (God's Plan for America), he speaks about the Big E appearing around March or something next year (2009). That in turn reminds me of this YouTube video below (of Kim Clement) that I posted online awhile back:

Back to Alaska

Dutch Sheets' Response to the Recent Presidential Election

Someone forwarded me the whole response, but I am going to just post a couple paragraphs (because I thought it was interesting, though I may or may not necessarily agree with everything he says) to point out where he stands. If you want to read his whole response, you can temporally read it on his website following this link: Dutch Sheets' Response to the Recent Presidential Election

Here are the first two paragraphs:

Dutch Sheets' Response to the Recent Presidential Election

November 6, 2008

I feel certain that many in my stream of the Church want a statement from me concerning Tuesday's presidential election. I will be frank in my remarks but I do not, however, intend to vent anger or attack anyone. I have read several statements from friends and colleagues I respect very much. Their thoughts are well stated and, for the most part, insightful. None of them, however, seem to want to say some things that I believe need to be said. I do not claim infallibility or to have the final word, but my convictions run deep and I believe I bear a God-given responsibility to share them.

Was This God's Will?

Was what happened Tuesday God's will? I am quite confident it was not. America was offered a very clear choice between moving further toward protecting the unborn or further away; between a Supreme Court that would move toward honoring God, life and morality or away from it. The stakes couldn't have been higher nor the cost greater. As a nation we put on blinders concerning Barak Obama's background, associations, beliefs and practices, and set these causes back years, possibly decades. And in doing so we took another step away from God and His plans for America, and another step toward judgment.

Palin 2012 or 2016???

I know this is lame, but the thought has crossed my mind that this is the future. I am certainly going to think twice before saying that it is God's will and is going to come to pass, as I got totally burned by doing that with McCain, but I would not be surprised if that Kim Clements starts hinting at it (though maybe he already has):

January 19, 2008- Portland, OR

"As in the day of Jeremiah who stood before Judah and said these words, You are my battle axe and you are my weapons of war. And God said today what has happened? There has been a blunt battle axe, there have been blunt weapons of war and some say what of the strong iron and chariots of the Canaanites? What of them? Are you afraid? Do you know what I’ve done tonight? I’ve sharpened your battle axe, I have sharpened your swords so that it will not take three strikes to destroy, to breakdown and to annihilate your enemy but just one strike says the Spirit of the Living God. Now I tell you a mystery again, there is a change, in the atmosphere, in the political arena. For God said the enemy has chosen his one and I have chosen. This is not a day where men can vote, this is a day when God instates men into the Oval Office. There shall be a Vice President that shall be second to none, that shall take over the land. God says hear the mystery of God, you shall not be afraid, you shall not say Democrat, Republican, Independent or what else. God said this day I tell you that there will be swift change this next week that will shock many, many people. What is this super Tuesday? God says there is no such thing. There will be such a change that people will be shocked and they will say what do we do now? God says rejoice for you heard the mystery of God. For the enemy has decided one thing and I have proclaimed another. The enemy has persuaded one way but I have made it as a principle to perform that which I said I would perform. For as in the days of Daniel, there shall be men from the Middle East that shall come and they shall want counsel and they shall want help. There are prophets that are being raised up all over the nations of the world. God says I’m raising prophets up throughout the Middle East. I’m raising prophets up throughout Europe. I’m raising prophets throughout Scandinavia and Norway and Sweden. I’m raising up prophets in Russia. I’m raising up prophets all over the world. For there shall be a death of a President and they shall say, what happened, what happened? Where is Putin? But God said let me hear you tonight that you understand that even though he is chosen as Time’s Man of the Year I want you to know something; there is no such thing; for I will put My face on Time magazine, I’ll put My face on Newsweek, I’ll put My face there. It shall be known as the invisible God without a face. For God said I will make this My year. I will make this a year where I will change so many things that people will say we have no hope, but God says rejoice, rejoice, rejoice for even as you sang out no limitation and even as you spoke out by the word of the Lord and you said these words, I’m taking it back. God said it’s already taken back; reclaim your land, reclaim your land says the Lord for this land the United States of America is My land and I’ve chosen it to speak by the voice of the prophets says the Lord."


"There shall be a Vice President that shall be second to none, that shall take over the land."

September 5, 2008 - Oklahoma City, OK

"For what I have done in Florida and what I have done in all of the beautiful places that I have rested, they are now graveyards. And God said, this resurrection that is coming to my people will bring about a multiplication of great outpourings in every state in this Nation. For I will place in the White House one that will call just by one word of prayer, and I shall come running. And it shall be said, "can a woman bring to this Nation the Spirit of God from a political house of power?" Watch Me, says the Lord, Watch Me, says the Lord!

When I place in the White House those who know how to pray, not those who "paddy wack" in prayer, not those who repeat and pray repetitious prayers, but those who know how to shake, to shake the very altar, those are the ones that shall bring into the marketplace this outpouring that I have planned beyond the four walls of religion and that which they call the church. For God said, these four years will be energetic outpourings in every state. And they will say "let us go to Texas, for it is there, and they shall say no, no, no, no let us go to Florida for it is there, no let us go to Okalahoma for it is there. Truly." And they shall say "where else? Go to California, it's there, go to Arizona, it's there." And they shall look at all of the states.

Alaska, you have offered unto Me something that I will use and breathe upon and bring a blessing of fire into that cold place, says the Lord! I will do it, says the Lord!

And they shall say "there's fire everywhere, fire everywhere, consuming, consuming, consuming." There is fire everywhere coming from an energy that shall rapidly come. So God says, people, do not say "you are not elected." For God said the elect of God have had a severe adversary as they have pushed through this great door that has opened. For the great adversary that has stood at your door has now been put under your feet, therefore, run through that door, run through that door, run through that door, says the Spirit of God!

The Lord says the White House shall become the prayer house. The White House shall be called the prayer house. And then they will mock and saying it is the White House and then they will mock and say "it is the wild house because the Quakers have come." And they will say "there is even shaking there and trembling." God said, this is going to be as a result, and even though many men have hated this President, of his own battle with a Babylonian prince, with a Babylonian spirit, that has endeavored to take this Nation and bring it to its knees. Because of President Bush, God said, who prayed every day, I am going to produce in the White House Spirit filled human beings that will pray with the Spirit and power. And they will not be ashamed of it."


"Alaska, you have offered unto Me something that I will use and breathe upon and bring a blessing of fire into that cold place, says the Lord!"

In the end though, no matter what happens I don't really care. That is what I relearned to do by this 2008 presidential election (just as a means to protect myself). Whatever God wants, so be it; not my will but God's will be done!

God bless!

Timothy P. Shields

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sarah Palin Speech at the Republican National Convention

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

What's next for Governor Palin?

Obama's Acceptance Speech

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VIDEO: Celebrating Obama's victory in Newark

Celebrating Obama's victory in Newark

Saving Time, Obama Won

I figured, rather then update all of my posts, I will just write one general statement/post.

I think all along that Kim Clement believed Obama would win. However, most of the time I was seeking to understand what Kim was prophesying, I thought he was speaking about McCain. In the beginning, I thought he was saying Obama would win, and that troubled me. Then somehow I was slowly convinced it was McCain he was prophesying would win. It was only a day or so before the election that I really thought again that it could be Obama. If I was troubled in the beginning, imagine how much more troubled I was after writing everything I did. Also, I think the reason behind why he believed it would be Obama is so that God could/can now deal with a spirit of racism in this country... or something.

Anyway, God bless you all!

Timothy P. Shields

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kim Clement's Big E Prophecy

Okay, that is the question of the hour; "What is the 'Big E' in Kim Clement's Big E Prophecy?" At first I thought it was ethanol, but now I am almost certain that is not it, though it may be a part. Could it be Einstein's E=MC2, or how about cold fusion?

Now, the reason behind this post is that I really want to know what this prophecy means, even IF Kim Clement is off the wall on this Big E prophecy. For example, I am certain that Kim Clement is prophesying that McCain and Palin are going to win the presidential election. Even IF he is wrong, though I have no substantial reason to believe he is (besides the "Prophecy of America Ending with George Bush", though even that could be debatable whether or not even THAT is a "substantial reason"), at least I KNOW what Kim is prophesying about the elections. That is why I wanted to create this post, to figure out exactly what Kim is talking about and means concerning this mysterious "Big E".

To be honest, it was only though someones comments on the YouTube video " Kim Clement on presidential race, the White House and so on" (that I posted online) that I was lead on a search to find out exactly who Kim was prophesying about winning (the person sounded so certain and left quotes for me to look up). I don't really have anything substantial to offer that would draw folks who are interested in the Big E prophecy (besides a simple Google search of "Kim Clement Big E Prophecy") to this post, but I need to start somewhere. It took a long time before I was really convinced that it could actually be McCain and Palin; therefore my expectations are not very high on this post either, especially since I don't have a video or anything substantial besides the Google search to offer.

The only other thing that I have to offer here is a "comments" section where you are free to leave your thoughts and ideas as to what possible could be the "Big E".

Again, this time being PAINFULLY honest, it almost seems like I am cheating with the title of this this post as I did copy it from another blog post (Sojourn to Transformation: Kim Clement's Big E Prophecy) that is doing very successful concerning people commenting (it is actually off the hook and seems to have my blackberry blinking red about five times a day lately). I think that if I am going to figure this out, I am going to need someone who knows what they are talking about to leave a comment in the comment section, and when I see it, I will have to be able to tell that this could possibly be the solution or part of the solution. Once I get a good enough idea, then I could go and confirm it though Kim's vault myself.

If Kim Clement is NOT off the wall on this prophecy, it could lead those who understand it to make a lot of money from the "Big E".

So, this is my speech and appeal to anyone who thinks they may have the answer, or at least have an idea what it could possibly be, to leave their thoughts and proof in the comments section.

God bless ya all, mightily!!!

Timothy P. Shields