Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The BlackBerry Journals - 9.23.08

I was just thinking about an old friend... She is perhaps married by now. I think that it is good that we where able to briefly communicate, but a part of me wonders if that was the last time. A part of me thinks it is for the best... I don't know, I just don't know. Yes, I just want to be that "glorious beacon of light". Not to take anything away from the Lord... Perhaps just be like the moon and just reflect THE Light (Jesus). I just keep getting glimpses of people's lives. Time keeps ticking and so does life and the lives' of people. What is a man's life, but dust? Here today and gone tomorrow. I am nearly 30 years old, and that is what scares me. I have watched people's lives change and develop through the good and the bad. It is so weird. There is no escape from this... "watch".

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