Thursday, July 09, 2009

Swartswood State Park in NJ

My work with the Mission is bringing me here (Swartswood State Park) on Wednesdays this July, and this past Wednesday (yesterday) I blogged a frustrated post from my BlackBerry only later deciding to delete it (for a couple reasons). However, in that post, I promised to post a picture from where I was sitting (along with that link, above is the picture). One last thing I'd like to do (to complete this post) is re-post the message I deleted from Wednesday. Here it is:

I'm a bit frustrated with my 8820 BlackBerry: I can't tweet, can't access my notepad and even find accessing certain phone numbers difficult. The little roller ball is not installed at the moment. The ball compartment of this phone has been giving me trouble for awhile and finally had its last stand last night. I went on ebay to order the new compartment, but until it arrives, I have limited ability with this phone. I can't access facebook messages, can only read the first few words of text messages and can read only titles of emails. It's quite a strange feeling having to deal with it all. Hopefully the new piece will be in tomorrow, for I need the speed and convenience this phone has to offer I tell you! Anyway, that is that. I suppose the upside is that I'm at the beautiful Swartswood State Park in northern New Jersey. What I will do is take a picture and show you the view from where I'm sitting. Be blessed!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eternal Life Can't Be Bought

Twisted and turned, around we go, life is but a flash too hard to hold. Throughout history wars have raged, people have strived and knowledge has been sought after. Many have said, "My eyes have been opened."

But to those who have said this, their eyes remained shut. For salvation can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ. Many have died for our Lord, many have suffered for his name's sake, but history tells us of their great sacrifice.

95 is the number we will always remember Martin Luther for, but there are many others who had no name or number at all for us to remember them by. They died in service to our King, and there are many others who lost everything they had for our King but found what really matters.

If you must ask, it is eternal life that really matters. All the money in the world can't buy you that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Stopped to Smell the Roses

One day when all is said and done, what is really gonna matter? Will it be how much money I made, you know, how much I got off that "trade." I don't think so. When all is said and done, what's really gonna matter to me, is not how fat my wallet was, but how sweet smelling the roses were.

Just So You Know

I'm just messing around with a couple of the below posts (pure fiction, hope you don't mind), just having fun.

She Keeps Looking, But I'm Busy

Why does she keep looking at me? I already told her that it would "never work." It couldn't in all honesty. But the way she is looking at me bothers me, I don't understand it. She needs to stop, it is very distracting. I have things to do, places to go, people to see. Oh no, her she comes.

"Hello" she says, "I was just wondering why you kept looking at me."

"Me looking at you?" I replied, "Ha! That is a good one. When are you ever going to learn, this is just not going to work."

"Stop it!" She says, "You have no idea what you are talking about."

And then it all starts to make sense, perhaps she is right, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

The Female Bar Owner

She said "I love you."
But it was not something I could accept easily. To be honest, I just did not trust her. She kept looking at me, expecting me to say something, but what could I say? Finally I replied, "Darling, if you really love me, why do you insist on keeping that dumb bar open? You know it drives me crazy when all the bikers rev their engines at 3am in the morning."
She looked away and I could tell she wanted to escape. I searched for her eyes, they were looking but could not find a place of refuge. I did not pressure her and took my eyes off her face. There was no point trying to retrieve a reply, for I already knew I asked her to do the impossible.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

After 100 Days

In 100 days a blessing is going to manifest that is far beyond what you dreamed could be possible. I know right now that things don't look good, but God is calling you to a higher place of faith. Things look tough at the moment, but after the 100 days, that blessing will change the way you see the future.

God is Protecting Me

God is the strength of my life, and Him shall I trust. I will not fear when all looks hopeless, for God is my hope. I shall trust in the Lord and my eyes shall continually look to Him for my salvation. The Lord shall deliver me, and I shall not be afraid of the evil that comes toward me. The Lord shall shield me, the Lord shall protect me and strike down that which shall try to attack me. God is my fortress, God is my strong tower, I shall make my boast in the Lord. I shall not fear, I shall not be afraid.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life, Coffee, Food, Jersey Gardens and U.S. Marshals

I woke up around 10am this morning, made some coffee and ate 2 Nutty Bar packs. I got up kind of early (yes it was 10am, but time is relative, isn't it?) to drive a friend over to Jersey Gardens mall in Elizabeth, NJ, where she was to get a couple pairs of shoes for a friend. It ended up taking longer then I thought to find the shoes, and growing impatient, I decided to wander off for about 45 minutes. Being that it was only my second time in that mall, I found myself enjoyably a bit bewildered not knowing my way around. I eventually stumbled upon the food court and bought a light snack.

As I sat down to eat, it was then that I saw on the news the shooting in D.C. at the Holocaust Museum. (I'm sure anyone who follows the news is already aware of it by now.) As I watched the coverage, I enjoyed my chicken and cheese sandwich thingy. After finishing, I shuffled over to a small news stand, bought a Snapple ice tea and sat down again. Soon I was back up and paced over to the shoe store, where I left my friend, only to discover she had unsuccessfully made any shoe purchases. Ha! That is women for you, right?

By this time, I needed to get back to the mission to take care of some REAL business (joke). I actually did need to get back though and ended up helping Pastor Tilly get in to the mission okay. It was then that I drove Pastor Tilly and my sister to take pictures of Vera in her beautiful peach colored dress. She was going to her 8th grade prom and was shortly surprised, after we arrived, by a black Dodge Magnum which was to take her and her date to the dance. We left before she left to go pick up her date, and about an hour or two after getting back to the mission, I found myself taking a comfortable little nap (I know, life is hard, right? Ha!)

After waking up, I strolled across the street to pick up a coke, but (unfortunately) I spontaneously bought a small mini-pack of chocolate donuts too. After finishing that I found myself desiring some real food. I decided to do something about it by making some coffee and a package of Goya rice and beans. Just before I started cooking though, I flicked on the T.V. and quickly found U.S. Marshals (which I really enjoyed by the way) on AMC.

As a matter of fact, U.S. Marshals has three great actors: Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Downey Jr., and Denzel Washington. I could not believe Robert ended up being a bad guy, that totally shocked me. I really thought all three performed rather well though, and give the movie two thumbs up.

And so it is now that I find myself all coffeed up (caffeinated) with nothing to do. Work is endless, I know, but in 5 hours 6am prayer will be in session (order in the court!) and I'll be on the clock till 4pm.

So I guess since it is 12:45am, it is technically Thursday and that means payday (wha-hoo!) What I would really like to do (besides get paid), is have this post automatically post to my facebook account (since there are people that actually know me there and people I genuinely know too), but frankly, I just don't have things set up that way. What to do, what to do??? Oh well, no big deal. I suppose since it is going to take me a minute to edit this post, I should probably cut it now. So until next time: peace and blessings!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Blogging from My Cell Phone

I just wanted to post a quick message and let everyone know that I have figured out how to blog from my phone. What I am actually doing is writing an email that will post to this blog. At the bottom it should say something like "via blackberry."

I did not really want to write much, but just kind of create my first post on this blog while using my cell phone.

Well, I hope everyone is having a blessed day and continues to do so. If this is as good as it looks, I will probably do this a lot. Perhaps in time I will then learn how to do it for "the blog."


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Now I just have to figure out how to create a REAL blog post from my phone. Another day perhaps, as I can feel time slipping away into a place that disappears.
It's God who is love, and it's Jesus who tells me to love my enemies. If I'm to obey Jesus then I am to love all. How can I love my enemies but hate my friends?
"I love you" are the strongest words I can think to write in a text message that will post to my blog and subsequently twitter and facebook. But do I love you?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is a text message from my phone; a short message that will post to this blog and tweeted because of it. (Just experimenting and seeing what is possible.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

How To Find A Good Dentist

It it not the easiest thing to do. While listening to the radio awhile back, I heard about the Northeast-Southeast Dental Plan and finally found a dentist close by whom participates. However, after visiting this dentist, I learned that I need to see another type of dentist.

After looking around, I discovered another good dental plan called Avia Dental Plan. And so my quest continues to find another good dentist that can do the work I need, at the price I can afford/want/need to pay.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas to help anyone find a good dentist? Feel free to leave you thoughts.

Monday, January 05, 2009

A New Blog

The blog—I think that will be my new favorite place to blog from now on. I may occasionally post here (on Walking Daily with the Lord), but I really like the fact that I will not be tied to Blogger if I so choose. The new blog is actually an offshoot of (which still needs a lot of work).

Friday, January 02, 2009

My 2009 New Year's Resolution

So I guess this my 2009 New Year's resolution will be to get out of debt. Oddly enough, I think I can actually do this one. I figure I have about $2500 to hammer out in a year, should be simple enough, we'll see how it goes.