Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The BlackBerry Journals - 9.30.08

Beloved, you have lost something, but this will actually help you to get what you really want and need. It is deceiving, but since you are trusting Me, what is hidden will be your reward. A great reward awaits you, but it is not right there on the surface. It is in the depths below and you must go down to get it. Have no fear and do not worry at all, for it shall be easier to find then you think.

I just feel funny right now. I was able to get a little nap earlier. It is one of those funny feelings that you can't really quite pin point what is wrong. I am still full from Popeyes, maybe that was it... What is it Lord?

Beloved, the whole world can see a change that is taking place through out all the the earth, and you think it has something to do with the Popeyes you ate? Trust me beloved, it has nothing to do with the food you ate.

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