Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Saving Time, Obama Won

I figured, rather then update all of my posts, I will just write one general statement/post.

I think all along that Kim Clement believed Obama would win. However, most of the time I was seeking to understand what Kim was prophesying, I thought he was speaking about McCain. In the beginning, I thought he was saying Obama would win, and that troubled me. Then somehow I was slowly convinced it was McCain he was prophesying would win. It was only a day or so before the election that I really thought again that it could be Obama. If I was troubled in the beginning, imagine how much more troubled I was after writing everything I did. Also, I think the reason behind why he believed it would be Obama is so that God could/can now deal with a spirit of racism in this country... or something.

Anyway, God bless you all!

Timothy P. Shields


Anonymous said...

A week or two ago, this is what Chuck Pierce wrote regarding the election (I think he is right on):

... How we vote is how we will be visited. I do know the people of this nation will be allowed by a Holy God to choose their future. We could make a choice that would be detrimental in days ahead. As the word of God says in 1 Samuel 8, the nation of Israel chose a king. In 1 Samuel 8:18 the Lord warns the people that if they choose a King that is not His choice, the following would happen: "And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the LORD will not hear you in that day." ...

Come on ... why would the Lord choose someone who supports abortion, gay marriage, etc. ? McCain could have been used to fight the racism just as well. Just take a look at his adopted daugther.

Timothy Shields said...

Anonymous, who are you? If I know you, don't play with me. (You sound like someone I know, but I don't want to post any names.)

The king's heart [is] in the hand of the LORD, [as] the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will. Proverbs 21:1

christian reyes said...

racism?....95% blacks voted for little o...that is racist...1500 black babies are aborted daily in this country... heaven has its priorities...4000 abortions a day...little o believes roe vs. wade is sacrosanct...i hope god does to us nationally as we have done to the defenseless babes...god will be mericful to the merciful...the babes blood cries out daily

Timothy Shields said...

Truth be told, I don't care who has won anymore.

This is what Chuck Pierce said:

The Day of the New Wineskin!
This Sunday - Rohi and Tsidkenu!

November 5, 2008

Dear Gap Standers:

In the "Year of a New Wineskin", we have just seen our nation shift to the next wineskin related to Civil Government. Remember, we are a people that are a "nation above all nations". We are called to pray for all of those in authority, not just for those that we might have preferred to win an election. We are a "peculiar people", not a political caucus. We are a people who can steer the course of history with our prayers and acts of faith. Jesus had to deal with the mindset of some of His key leadership that were more interested in making Him a king of a nation, than recognizing Him as the King of the Kingdom of God.

May Holy Spirit go before President-elect Barak Obama as he enters this new season. May Holy Spirit be a rearguard behind him in every decision made for righteousness' sake. May Holy Spirit continue to be enfolded into the history of this covenant land. May Holy Spirit triumph as this nation goes through great changes in the days ahead. May God's TRIUMPHANT RESERVE come forth with new strength and power.

We must realize that a nation changed greatly several seasons back and this is the time of the manifestation of that change. This is the time that the Structure (wineskin) that demonstrates those changes is developed so it will remain intact. We must watch carefully how this nation develops its call to the Lord and our relationship with Israel as we enter the future. Our covenant alignments reveal our future. How will we, as God's true prophetic people, bring forth the revelation (wine) to pour in that Structure? Will the Church become relevant now or hang on to ideals that really are not the key issues for this season?

We must be reminded that many laws are on the books that have no relevance today. However, they are law. Passing law in the future will be one issue, but the real issue will be the change of heart and unified expression of His People that will release an anointing in this nation and throughout the earth. The Anointing will break the yokes that will attempt to control us, unrighteously, in coming days.

Chuck D. Pierce

Sheila said...

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." Proverbs 29:2

It is okay if Christians mourn. God will comfort us, and heal our broken hearts.

Anonymous said...

I am terrified for my children's future. I am not sure what kind of country that they will be living in.

Proverbs 21:1 (thank you Timothy) is what I am holding on to right now. Guess I/we better start praying for our leaders like never before so that we don't have to mourn ....

Golly, Obama and Pelosi together in charge ???

Sheila said...

Yes annonymous, we MUST quote that scripture over him daily. If Kim Clement is accurate in his past prophesies Obama will be filled with the spirit after he has been in office for a while. It is our job as intercessors to pray for that fulfillment.

Many share your concern for their children's future. We were dealt a hard blow. We have to re-group now, and put out hope and trust in our Lord. I still have a heavy spirit, but it will pass. Listening to Kim's latest teaching has helped me a lot. See if you can access it this way.

Amos said...

Anonymous, you asked a question: "Come on ... why would the Lord choose someone who supports abortion, gay marriage, etc. ? McCain could have been used to fight the racism just as well."

God has already given an answer to that question and it's very simple:

God is about to place a president in your house called white that will pray. He is about to trick the people of this nation and put somebody in there that does not make a public declaration of God, but in taking his oath of office, upon entering it shall be filled with the Holy Spirit.

So it was all a trick, the unrighteous thought they won when they voted a pro gay, pro abortion individual into the White House. But they have no idea this man is soon to be Spirit filled and used mightily by Almight God. Clever hey?

And another thing, you're wrong when you say McCain could have been used to fight racism just as well as Obama could. McCain is not black, and lets face the facts, no white man could ever fight against the racism endured by the black folk as well as a black man could, and i can proved it: God chose Obama didn't he?! That's proof in itself right there!

You say the African people have been freed. But have they truly been freed� says the Lord. That dream has not yet been fulfilled. It shall come to pass that I will take the African-American race, the people that have a strong leaning towards a spiritual life, and I will do something special for them because I have told you I will raise up an African-American president of the United States of America. I will put within him the wisdom of God and the power to be able to negotiate and take this nation into a higher level of authority and power.

But God say, That dream is about to come to pass. I'm going to take the spirit of prejudice and racism that has endeavored to stay in certain states and stay in certain cities, I am going to take you and pull you down. I will cause those that have been oppressed to become leaders. I am going to cause your slaves to become princes because the Lord says this is a day for us to stand together.

Debbie said...

Hello Anonymous...

Have you forgotten that you too were once a sinner saved by grace? The Lord's arm is able to save President Barack Obama and fill him with the Holy Spirit. There is nothing to difficult for Him! If what Kim Clement said is true; then God foreknew that Obama would get saved and he is on the path that now must lead him to salvation and; if that means President of the US, then so be it!