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Kim Clement's Big E Prophecy

Okay, that is the question of the hour; "What is the 'Big E' in Kim Clement's Big E Prophecy?" At first I thought it was ethanol, but now I am almost certain that is not it, though it may be a part. Could it be Einstein's E=MC2, or how about cold fusion?

Now, the reason behind this post is that I really want to know what this prophecy means, even IF Kim Clement is off the wall on this Big E prophecy. For example, I am certain that Kim Clement is prophesying that McCain and Palin are going to win the presidential election. Even IF he is wrong, though I have no substantial reason to believe he is (besides the "Prophecy of America Ending with George Bush", though even that could be debatable whether or not even THAT is a "substantial reason"), at least I KNOW what Kim is prophesying about the elections. That is why I wanted to create this post, to figure out exactly what Kim is talking about and means concerning this mysterious "Big E".

To be honest, it was only though someones comments on the YouTube video " Kim Clement on presidential race, the White House and so on" (that I posted online) that I was lead on a search to find out exactly who Kim was prophesying about winning (the person sounded so certain and left quotes for me to look up). I don't really have anything substantial to offer that would draw folks who are interested in the Big E prophecy (besides a simple Google search of "Kim Clement Big E Prophecy") to this post, but I need to start somewhere. It took a long time before I was really convinced that it could actually be McCain and Palin; therefore my expectations are not very high on this post either, especially since I don't have a video or anything substantial besides the Google search to offer.

The only other thing that I have to offer here is a "comments" section where you are free to leave your thoughts and ideas as to what possible could be the "Big E".

Again, this time being PAINFULLY honest, it almost seems like I am cheating with the title of this this post as I did copy it from another blog post (Sojourn to Transformation: Kim Clement's Big E Prophecy) that is doing very successful concerning people commenting (it is actually off the hook and seems to have my blackberry blinking red about five times a day lately). I think that if I am going to figure this out, I am going to need someone who knows what they are talking about to leave a comment in the comment section, and when I see it, I will have to be able to tell that this could possibly be the solution or part of the solution. Once I get a good enough idea, then I could go and confirm it though Kim's vault myself.

If Kim Clement is NOT off the wall on this prophecy, it could lead those who understand it to make a lot of money from the "Big E".

So, this is my speech and appeal to anyone who thinks they may have the answer, or at least have an idea what it could possibly be, to leave their thoughts and proof in the comments section.

God bless ya all, mightily!!!

Timothy P. Shields


Amos said...

Einstein's got a lot to do with it that's one thing for sure. Have you seen kim's latest prophecy on the Big E? I think it's about to be descovered and exposed real soon.

Kim Clement prophecy: October 26, 2008 - Huntsville, TX

God says you'll no longer be fed your energy from the Middle East and from those that have taken and eaten dead bodies. I'm going to change it and I promised it. The Big E shall arise and it will arise quickly. America, look to your Thanksgiving with great joy as you see the statistics change. And say God You have shown up, You are showing off, You are taking all the credit. God's saying, Yes I will, yes I will says the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Did you include these Kim Clement prophesies in your resurch about the election?

I will raise up an African-American president of the United States of America. I will put within him the wisdom of God and the power to be able to negotiate and take this nation into a higher level of authority and power.
two terms there will be a Christian President in the White House that will pray, he will not dictate, he will pray, and that will be his purpose for being in the White House.
God says a President that I will bring into the White House they will say he is ungodly, he does not know God. Even as Jesus disguised himself for the great feasts, so I've disguised this man's heart. When he comes to the White House not only shall he be Mine but he shall pray as a man that has never prayed in the White House. That same man shall put his feet onto this platform. They will say how did this take place? Laws shall change. Young men and young women will have access into the kingdom and with authority into politics and with authority into the industries that now have been controlled by darkness because of this man that shall rule for two terms. Do not fear there will be no unnecessary stuff. There will be things that men shall question. Fear not for he shall sit in that seat and suddenly My Spirit shall come upon him and baptize him with a fire and with anointing says the Spirit of the Lord. No more war. The time for war has gone. The time for Peace has come. The House that you call White shall receive a man, a knight, who fought for you in your nights.
and put in the White House a man who will then be transformed into a righteous believer.
When I raise up the President of the United States and fill him with My Spirit, there shall be unusual happenings taking place in America.
The president that I place into the White House shall enter with unbelief and during his period of rein I will raise up a believer filled with My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts.
The greatest opportunity has been granted now for Me to invade the media and to show you how when you choose My president. I will place a man there that shall have no inclination towards spiritual things and many a Christian shall say alas we have a Democrat who is actually a Republican. God says fear not for it shall be a while and then in the seat I will take him and fill him with My Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Kim has said that there will be five (5) new sources of energy.

I think that two of them will be biological in nature.

1. A synthetic fuel derived from the genetically modified bacteria (bugs).
2. The second will come from marine sources (whales, dolphins etc.) I think the most likely source would be algae grown for oil.

3. The next energy source needs to set us free from the dictates of the Middle East. It also will be "in the west" "under your feet" and eliminate the federal deficit. I think there is only one possibility here, and that is oil shale. I have examined this fairly closely and there is only one company that has the technology to get the oil out of the rock and best of all it is a penny stock. The Lord has said that we will be able to invest a few thousand dollars and reap millions. A penny stock is a way for this to happen. Look at these companies. They are working together.

4. I believe Hydrogen will play a roll. There are two companies I would look at both are private at this time. The first company has come up with a technology to split water cost effectively and use the resulting gas for fuel. From inside sources I know they will be releasing devices for OEM soon. They are in the final stages of testing product. They are working with a partner that is public and a penny stock.

The second hydrogen energy source could be BlackLight Power, which has just been vindicated by independent university research.
This company may satisfy the prophecies about Einstein. However, Einstein was the one who discovered the photovoltaic effect. This effect is where we get the technology for solar cells.

5. This one is up for grabs or it may be one of the above that I have lumped together with another. Or it may be a break through in the efficiency of solar cells. At this point it is too early to tell.

Timothy Shields said...


I appreciate your comment. I did not actually take into account THIS prophecy:

March 5, 2002 - TBN Broadcast

"The Spirit of the Lord says, The very words of Dr. Martin Luther King before he died, knowing prophetically that he would not live, there is a dream that has not yet been fulfilled. You say the African people have been freed. But have they truly been freed� says the Lord. That dream has not yet been fulfilled. It shall come to pass that I will take the African-American race, the people that have a strong leaning towards a spiritual life, and I will do something special for them because I have told you I will raise up an African-American president of the United States of America. I will put within him the wisdom of God and the power to be able to negotiate and take this nation into a higher level of authority and power."

It certainly is intriguing, the best prophecy yet to inject doubt into the accuracy of my interpretation of who Kim Clement is prophesying will win this 2008 November election.

However though, with the election only two days away, we will just have to wait and see for ourselves if Kim Clement was speaking about Obama (though I doubt he knew who Obama was at the time when he spoke/prophesied this prophecy).

There is not a time frame in the prophecy though either. I certainly know Obama is popular and from the looks of it could very well beat McCain, however, is it impossible to think that God could raise up another African American after McCain serves two terms?

That seems crazy, but these are my thoughts at the moment. I suppose the only real thing I can do is watch, wait and see what happens on Tuesday.

Timothy Shields said...


Once again, thinking about that prophecy (March 5, 2002 - TBN Broadcast), it just does not seem to jive with all the rest, somehow it is different and does not make sense to me. I honestly don't know what it means, but it still does not convince me that he is prophesying that Obama is going to win. I think that only time will REALLY tell and show what was meant by the March 5, 2002 prophecy.

Again, looking at a recent prophecy in the vault:

September 5, 2008 - Oklahoma City, OK

"For what I have done in Florida and what I have done in all of the beautiful places that I have rested, they are now graveyards. And God said, this resurrection that is coming to my people will bring about a multiplication of great outpourings in every state in this Nation. For I will place in the White House one that will call just by one word of prayer, and I shall come running. And it shall be said, "can a woman bring to this Nation the Spirit of God from a political house of power?" Watch Me, says the Lord, Watch Me, says the Lord!

When I place in the White House those who know how to pray, not those who "paddy wack" in prayer, not those who repeat and pray repetitious prayers, but those who know how to shake, to shake the very altar, those are the ones that shall bring into the marketplace this outpouring that I have planned beyond the four walls of religion and that which they call the church. For God said, these four years will be energetic outpourings in every state. And they will say "let us go to Texas, for it is there, and they shall say no, no, no, no let us go to Florida for it is there, no let us go to Okalahoma for it is there. Truly." And they shall say "where else? Go to California, it's there, go to Arizona, it's there." And they shall look at all of the states.

Alaska, you have offered unto Me something that I will use and breathe upon and bring a blessing of fire into that cold place, says the Lord! I will do it, says the Lord!

And they shall say "there's fire everywhere, fire everywhere, consuming, consuming, consuming." There is fire everywhere coming from an energy that shall rapidly come. So God says, people, do not say "you are not elected." For God said the elect of God have had a severe adversary as they have pushed through this great door that has opened. For the great adversary that has stood at your door has now been put under your feet, therefore, run through that door, run through that door, run through that door, says the Spirit of God!

The Lord says the White House shall become the prayer house. The White House shall be called the prayer house. And then they will mock and saying it is the White House and then they will mock and say "it is the wild house because the Quakers have come." And they will say "there is even shaking there and trembling." God said, this is going to be as a result, and even though many men have hated this President, of his own battle with a Babylonian prince, with a Babylonian spirit, that has endeavored to take this Nation and bring it to its knees. Because of President Bush, God said, who prayed every day, I am going to produce in the White House Spirit filled human beings that will pray with the Spirit and power. And they will not be ashamed of it."

In that prophecy, I see Sarah Palin and Alaska. Like I said, before, I don't understand the March 5, 2002 - TBN Broadcast prophecy, as it does not seem to jive with the more updated prophecies. My advice and view is this: put the March 5, 2002 - TBN Broadcast prophecy on the self; McCain and Palin will win this November 2008 election and Kim Clement is prophesying it.

Timothy Shields said...


I keep finding stuff to back up my point of view. How about this one:

January 19, 2008- Portland, OR

"As in the day of Jeremiah who stood before Judah and said these words, You are my battle axe and you are my weapons of war. And God said today what has happened? There has been a blunt battle axe, there have been blunt weapons of war and some say what of the strong iron and chariots of the Canaanites? What of them? Are you afraid? Do you know what I’ve done tonight? I’ve sharpened your battle axe, I have sharpened your swords so that it will not take three strikes to destroy, to breakdown and to annihilate your enemy but just one strike says the Spirit of the Living God. Now I tell you a mystery again, there is a change, in the atmosphere, in the political arena. For God said the enemy has chosen his one and I have chosen. This is not a day where men can vote, this is a day when God instates men into the Oval Office. There shall be a Vice President that shall be second to none, that shall take over the land. God says hear the mystery of God, you shall not be afraid, you shall not say Democrat, Republican, Independent or what else. God said this day I tell you that there will be swift change this next week that will shock many, many people. What is this super Tuesday? God says there is no such thing. There will be such a change that people will be shocked and they will say what do we do now? God says rejoice for you heard the mystery of God. For the enemy has decided one thing and I have proclaimed another. The enemy has persuaded one way but I have made it as a principle to perform that which I said I would perform. For as in the days of Daniel, there shall be men from the Middle East that shall come and they shall want counsel and they shall want help. There are prophets that are being raised up all over the nations of the world. God says I’m raising prophets up throughout the Middle East. I’m raising prophets up throughout Europe. I’m raising prophets throughout Scandinavia and Norway and Sweden. I’m raising up prophets in Russia. I’m raising up prophets all over the world. For there shall be a death of a President and they shall say, what happened, what happened? Where is Putin? But God said let me hear you tonight that you understand that even though he is chosen as Time’s Man of the Year I want you to know something; there is no such thing; for I will put My face on Time magazine, I’ll put My face on Newsweek, I’ll put My face there. It shall be known as the invisible God without a face. For God said I will make this My year. I will make this a year where I will change so many things that people will say we have no hope, but God says rejoice, rejoice, rejoice for even as you sang out no limitation and even as you spoke out by the word of the Lord and you said these words, I’m taking it back. God said it’s already taken back; reclaim your land, reclaim your land says the Lord for this land the United States of America is My land and I’ve chosen it to speak by the voice of the prophets says the Lord."

It seems to me that this one is about Sarah Palin, as I don't see Biden anywhere close to being "second to none".

Timothy Shields said...

Amos and Daniel,

Thanks for your comments too, every little bit helps. I think if people start to respond to comments being made, little by little light could be shed to figure out the Big E mystery.

Two parts of scripture are coming to my mind:

1 Corinthians 13:9-12

For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.


1 Corinthians 14:29-33

Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.

If [any thing] be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace.

For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.

And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

For God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.


Kim Clement's Big E Prophecy

Timothy Shields said...

SOLOMON, if I am correctly judging from your post and website, you are trying to say you are a "crackpot" rather then a
"genius". Hey, I can dig it.

Anonymous said...

A note on the Big E. It could be a concept I am thinking more than ethanol e85, or something obvious. It has been my experience when dealing with prophecy, prophecy is meant to encourage and not necessarily to figure out. Once the prophesy comes to pass, there is the confirmation of a thing and it now becomes a complete entity.

Back to big E. Back in the days of James Clerk Maxwell the scientific world believed in a material aether, which can also be spelled ether (means nether or unknown).

The aether is often referred to the plenum or Genesis creation week fabric of the heavens. Modern physics took Maxwell's equations, which consisted originally of 20 quaternions and 20 unknowns and simply gutted them (thanks Oliver Heaviside). Now there are only 4 equations and 4 unknowns, and anything remotely resembling real insight as to our electrical universe has been lost with a horribly flawed EM model.

The Big E then and the Einstein tie (Einstein believed in a material plenum or ether for a while too) says there is an aether. According to scientists there is so much voltage per square centimeter of free space that if we could hook to it we'd never need to generate any power ever again. Study up on broken symmetry and dipoles, and check out for some insight into this.

cash said...

something I've been wondering about
may'be Ethanol won't replace ALL of oil, just enough to no longer need to import it from the middle east (say 30%) aka E30. Now he does say, that we'll tell teh ME to take there oil and SHOVE IT! and tehy'll say, you STILL need Oil, and will (USA) say Not from you ...However, the very next words out of his mouth are Israel, or Israel what has been hidden shall be revealed.

Concerning the 5 new energy sources...Volvo (owned by Ford) has a car out that uses 5 energy sources (carries all 5 on board) you just flick a switch.

I to wonder about the Einstien connection. He does say the Big E is NOT just ethanol

Ben said...

I strongly feel the Big "E" means Escherichia coli which is a type of bug (yeast bacteria) commonly referred to as E. coli whose DNA has been re-engineered by scientists such as those at the labs of the company LS9 in silicon valley to consume waste such as garbage, plant residue etc and instantly produce petroleum that directly replaces the petrol in your car with out you modifying your car or truck. A clean transition because its chemical structure is similar to that of the conventional petroleum and burns cleaner.

Anonymous said...

The Lord has revealed The 'Big E' go to

Marita K

Anonymous said...


Fenderbender said...

I think I know what it is . E coli bacteria . Used to making bio fuel

Fenderbender said...
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Anonymous said...

It might me be cold fusion . 2 scientist from greece
have just clamied to invent such a power devise called the E-Cat

Rick said...

The only new technology that I am aware of that has the potential to quickly replace all of the current energy technologies is Andrea Rossi's E-cat or energy catalyzer. It uses very small amounts of nickel and hydrogen for fuel. For example, a couple of hundred grams of nickel and one gram/day of hydrogen could provide the power for an average household for a year.

Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA was recently quoted as saying that Rossi's device is capable by itself of completely changing geo-economics, geopolitics and solve quite a bit of the energy problem. This quote raised quite an uproar and the rumor is that NASA requested from Rossi to test a device and that Rossi has reluctantly agreed. Rossi's plan is to build a one megawatt power plant and then do a test on a working plant at the end of October. Basically start it up and pull the plug and have it generate 1MW of power with no external power inputs to shut the mouths of the detractors.

Many of the world's top scientists will be testing the E-cat starting the last week in October and making the test results public, so we should have a good idea if it is real by the end of the year.

Rossi has large unnamed American corporations that will be quickly implementing this technology and quickly bringing it to the market. Sales start in November of this year. It has been reported by Rossi that they already have orders for 1,000 power plants and that Nuclear and coal power plants could be retrofitted with this technology. Smaller units for home use are close to being able to be brought to the market.

This is sounding more and more like it is real and we should know for certain soon. As far as investing, I would say any current energy companies, oil prices etc. values will be falling drastically in the upcoming years. Oil/energy futures may be a good place to start.

Interesting that his name for the technology has a big E in it. A substantial amount of information about this device is available on the web, both for and against, but it has not made it into the main stream media yet. Also, Andrea is a professed Christian and credits God for His help with the E-cat.

Another great thing about this technology is that it is 100% clean. The only byproduct of the device is usable copper and nickel.

God Bless!

EmmettLBrown said...

I wanted to let you know about the address for the latest blog on "Sojourn to Transformation": My comments and responses bring a new level of understanding to the Big-E.

Anonymous said...

Its electricity. Tsla motors easy!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the ticker symbols to invest in the Big E ?