Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'M A LUMBERJACK, AND I'M OK ... of Ads of the Weird on MSNBC

(I wanted to post this article because I actually found the YouTube video that the MSNBC article talks about. Everyone loves a weird commercial, right?)

As I was skimming MSNBC, I ran across this article: I'M A LUMBERJACK, AND I'M OK ...

This particular section of MSNBC talks about strange advertisements and points out the bizarreness in this particular ad/commercial that I found on YouTube:

Basically there is a civil fight between lumber jacks and protesters. The police come and arrest the protesters, however, one of the protesters and a lumber jack are in a relationship. In the end the lumberjack bails his girlfriend out of jail and they ride off on his motorcycle.

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