Wednesday, November 19, 2008

21st century Pirates


Divine137 said...

Hey Tim, I find it odd why you use MSNBC? Don't you know that they are a dishonest news network? Surely you've done your research and found out that they don't present true news, but propoganda, right?

You should stick more with Fox News. They are documentally proven to be the most unbiased news network out there. By the numbers, CNN and MSNBC show a negative view of the conservatives 65-78% of the time...the same with CBS and ABC.

FOX News documented 40% for both the conservatives and the liberals.

Now of course, if they were all being honest, they would show probably 70% for the liberals and 30% of the conservatives...because that's being truthful.

But Fox tries not to look biased. Anyways, just a FYI, being that you are a Christian, like me.

Divine137 said...

Oops, I meant 70% negative for Liberals and 30% of conservatives. I noticed that I missed that in the post.

Divine137 said...

And that last paragraph should read Fox tries to look "un"biased.

Timothy Shields said...

Once again, I hear what you are sayin Divine, but I think the fact that this is the Internet and not cable that enjoy MSNBC. I think I can pretty much tell what is biased and what is not, and try to post accordingly. I think that I enjoy watching Fox on cable if I am every watching T.V., if that makes you feel any better.

Divine137 said...

Oh, yes, ok. I see what you're saying. On the internet you have more control about what your reading or watching then you do on TV. True.