Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah Palin on the Campaign, Clothes and Returning to Alaska

There was actually a handful of stuff that I wanted to post last night but wanted to wait until my "Who is the Anti-Christ?" post posted on my Facebook account. To be honest, I am still not sure I really like that anti-Christ post as it really bothered me for awhile. I almost could not sleep, but the thought of adding a comment that I personally did not like the post for some reason, seemed to give me comfort and peace. Strangely, someone called me at 5:45am this morning too and really disturbed me by waking me up. I think I was then even more disturbed reading the comment (though I feel I really can't be bothered by things like that) that somone left on the anti-Christ post (as it seemed someone called me just so I could read the comment, talk about crazy!)

Anyway, so back to the reason why I wanted to post this video. I think that this video really shows Sarah Palin's heart. I actually wrote this about the video on someones facebook account yesterday:

"...Politics as usual, but don't forget her nick name (Sarah Barracuda) and that she is a pit bull with lip stick. Check this video out where she rips the press, "you guys aren't doing your job..." Who tells the press that? She is a queen at heart meant to rule, that is for sure.

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