Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain and Palin Win Election

Okay, it is official, McCain and Palin have won the presidential election. If you are an Obama supporter, don't bother getting your hopes up by anything that the news media puts out there, including polls. God has already decided who is going to win this election and it is going to be McCain and Palin.

What is going to happen is that God will stir Americans that belong to Him and they will go out and vote for McCain and Palin, it is really quite simple. Yes this is a democracy, but when God wants someone in office, this is what He does.

God bless America!


Divine137 said...

Why God's people always determine an election: America's culture is divided in half between Republicans and Democrats. What tips the scale is the middle ground people. Independents and Christians. Candidates know that they are fighting for that middle group's votes. They already know that there are liberals and conservatives that will always be voting Republican or Democrat regardless of who is running or what happens or what they say. The ones that tip the scale on the Independent voters robbing each side votes and the "Christians voting one way or the other". This is why GW Bush won in 2004, "we" elected him in. McCain/Palin have half the country in the tank for them, likewise Obama. Who will be elected will determine soley on the votes each Party loses to Independent voters and which Party gets the majority of the Christian votes. If you do the math...McCain/Palin will defeat Obama/Biden.

divine137 said...

Also, to clear up something...on Saturday, Kim Clement mentioned an email that he received about having endorsed "both" John McCain "and" Barak Obama. Kim cleared it by responding...I never endorsed Obama. He added if the elections don't go how I have prophecied, then this piano won't be here next season nor will these more clearer can he put who he has endorsed? He has prophecied that our next President will be a man who "they will say he has HOT BLOOD...what of the AGE? will one die in office?..." Kim also said that he is a man who is "...a knight who FOUGHT FOR YOU in your nights..."

Kim has said that a "VP will take over the Independent will arise...a WOMAN will bring the Spirit of God to the White House..."

I am just stating what Kim cleared up on Saturday. Whether people are saying that Kim Clement didn't necessarily mention McCain's name is not the issue. He did state, "My job is not to influence your votes....but to say what God has revealed to me...."

Thus, why he didn't need to mention that: "I am endorsing John McCain!" No, he cleared up that people have been saying that he endorse BOTH candidates by responding with "I NEVER endorsed OBAMA...I 'ONLY' stated that God loves him ALSO..."

He didn't debunk endorsing McCain. He rested on that his prophecies showed pretty clear who the next President is going to be... said...

Have you read the 100% accuracy of the May 15th prophecy?

To see who will win the U.S. Presidency Google search the May 15th Prophecy

And also see what it say about Syria

divine137 said...

May 15th? You need to get your facts straight. He has no prophecy on May 15th. lol.

Amos said...

divine137, Pliz provide us with the links for where you got all that information.

Divine137 said...


I got all this information from

Just enter any keyword on the search engine and the prophecy will pop up.

"hot blood" and the prophecy about next President will come up.

"what of the age?" and that prophecy will come up about next President.

and so forth...