Sunday, November 23, 2008

Above and Beyond with T-Mobile

Wow, the cost of text messaging has gone up! It now costs 20 cents a text message with T-Mobile (at least that is what they charged me for 100 text messages over my 400 a month limit). It has cost me $20 "above and beyond" my normal cell phone bill to send 100 extra text messages. With that being said, it was a good thing that I called to find out for sure why the extra charge, as this month I am already "above and beyond" 200 text messages of my 400 a month limit. They said they where going to charge me $44 extra for this next bill unless I upgraded to 1000 text messages a month (for an extra monthly charge of $9.99). I could not refuse (as $9.99 is a lot better then $44), and now I will have a couple extra text messages to spare. Yikes though, 20 cents a messages just is not cost efficient if you ask me. Add a text message plan if you don't want to get ripped off, and if you text a lot, don't skimp on the plan or you will regret it later.

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Dylan said...

Timothy, I can empathize (as I'm sure most cell phone users can at some point or other) with feeling annoyed by a seemingly overpriced wireless industry. Last month, my three-line Verizon Wireless bill seemed inflated and was unexpectedly well over $300. I know this does not speak directly to the problems you're having regarding exorbitant T-Mobile texting rates but I did discover an easy way to make my cell plan cheaper. I thought you might be interested.

I found a company called Validas and the name of their website,, gives you a good idea of what they do. Within seconds, Validas analyzes your online cell bill and generates a dollar figure of how much you could be saving on your plan. Validas was able to save me over 19 bucks every month--or over 230 dollars per year on my Verizon plan. Apparently, the average Validas user saves 21 percent
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Good luck with your texting rates.