Thursday, November 06, 2008

Palin 2012 or 2016???

I know this is lame, but the thought has crossed my mind that this is the future. I am certainly going to think twice before saying that it is God's will and is going to come to pass, as I got totally burned by doing that with McCain, but I would not be surprised if that Kim Clements starts hinting at it (though maybe he already has):

January 19, 2008- Portland, OR

"As in the day of Jeremiah who stood before Judah and said these words, You are my battle axe and you are my weapons of war. And God said today what has happened? There has been a blunt battle axe, there have been blunt weapons of war and some say what of the strong iron and chariots of the Canaanites? What of them? Are you afraid? Do you know what I’ve done tonight? I’ve sharpened your battle axe, I have sharpened your swords so that it will not take three strikes to destroy, to breakdown and to annihilate your enemy but just one strike says the Spirit of the Living God. Now I tell you a mystery again, there is a change, in the atmosphere, in the political arena. For God said the enemy has chosen his one and I have chosen. This is not a day where men can vote, this is a day when God instates men into the Oval Office. There shall be a Vice President that shall be second to none, that shall take over the land. God says hear the mystery of God, you shall not be afraid, you shall not say Democrat, Republican, Independent or what else. God said this day I tell you that there will be swift change this next week that will shock many, many people. What is this super Tuesday? God says there is no such thing. There will be such a change that people will be shocked and they will say what do we do now? God says rejoice for you heard the mystery of God. For the enemy has decided one thing and I have proclaimed another. The enemy has persuaded one way but I have made it as a principle to perform that which I said I would perform. For as in the days of Daniel, there shall be men from the Middle East that shall come and they shall want counsel and they shall want help. There are prophets that are being raised up all over the nations of the world. God says I’m raising prophets up throughout the Middle East. I’m raising prophets up throughout Europe. I’m raising prophets throughout Scandinavia and Norway and Sweden. I’m raising up prophets in Russia. I’m raising up prophets all over the world. For there shall be a death of a President and they shall say, what happened, what happened? Where is Putin? But God said let me hear you tonight that you understand that even though he is chosen as Time’s Man of the Year I want you to know something; there is no such thing; for I will put My face on Time magazine, I’ll put My face on Newsweek, I’ll put My face there. It shall be known as the invisible God without a face. For God said I will make this My year. I will make this a year where I will change so many things that people will say we have no hope, but God says rejoice, rejoice, rejoice for even as you sang out no limitation and even as you spoke out by the word of the Lord and you said these words, I’m taking it back. God said it’s already taken back; reclaim your land, reclaim your land says the Lord for this land the United States of America is My land and I’ve chosen it to speak by the voice of the prophets says the Lord."


"There shall be a Vice President that shall be second to none, that shall take over the land."

September 5, 2008 - Oklahoma City, OK

"For what I have done in Florida and what I have done in all of the beautiful places that I have rested, they are now graveyards. And God said, this resurrection that is coming to my people will bring about a multiplication of great outpourings in every state in this Nation. For I will place in the White House one that will call just by one word of prayer, and I shall come running. And it shall be said, "can a woman bring to this Nation the Spirit of God from a political house of power?" Watch Me, says the Lord, Watch Me, says the Lord!

When I place in the White House those who know how to pray, not those who "paddy wack" in prayer, not those who repeat and pray repetitious prayers, but those who know how to shake, to shake the very altar, those are the ones that shall bring into the marketplace this outpouring that I have planned beyond the four walls of religion and that which they call the church. For God said, these four years will be energetic outpourings in every state. And they will say "let us go to Texas, for it is there, and they shall say no, no, no, no let us go to Florida for it is there, no let us go to Okalahoma for it is there. Truly." And they shall say "where else? Go to California, it's there, go to Arizona, it's there." And they shall look at all of the states.

Alaska, you have offered unto Me something that I will use and breathe upon and bring a blessing of fire into that cold place, says the Lord! I will do it, says the Lord!

And they shall say "there's fire everywhere, fire everywhere, consuming, consuming, consuming." There is fire everywhere coming from an energy that shall rapidly come. So God says, people, do not say "you are not elected." For God said the elect of God have had a severe adversary as they have pushed through this great door that has opened. For the great adversary that has stood at your door has now been put under your feet, therefore, run through that door, run through that door, run through that door, says the Spirit of God!

The Lord says the White House shall become the prayer house. The White House shall be called the prayer house. And then they will mock and saying it is the White House and then they will mock and say "it is the wild house because the Quakers have come." And they will say "there is even shaking there and trembling." God said, this is going to be as a result, and even though many men have hated this President, of his own battle with a Babylonian prince, with a Babylonian spirit, that has endeavored to take this Nation and bring it to its knees. Because of President Bush, God said, who prayed every day, I am going to produce in the White House Spirit filled human beings that will pray with the Spirit and power. And they will not be ashamed of it."


"Alaska, you have offered unto Me something that I will use and breathe upon and bring a blessing of fire into that cold place, says the Lord!"

In the end though, no matter what happens I don't really care. That is what I relearned to do by this 2008 presidential election (just as a means to protect myself). Whatever God wants, so be it; not my will but God's will be done!

God bless!

Timothy P. Shields


patrick said...

If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her... but, at this point, that may not work in her favor

Timothy Shields said...

I hear what you are saying Patrick, but I think that if she is meant to get in, she will get in.