Friday, November 14, 2008

Abortion is Legal, Racism is Dead

This post is for all those who voted for McCain and Palin with the reason of curbing legal abortion in this country; in the end, that is why I voted for them too. God has given me peace (for the most part) concerning the elections, but I could not figure out or justify, in my mind, Dutch Sheets' response to the election. Anyway, yesterday evening, I received this three part email from Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion International Ministries that seemed to give wisdom and shed some light on the issue:

How Will You Bend With The Wind of Change?

November 13, 2008

Dear Connected Ones:

Penny Jackson is a dear friend from Houston. Many of you saw her set apart as a Zion Aligned Pastor. Penny stayed and weathered Hurricane Ike in August when Hurricane Ike came on shore in Texas. Recently, she wrote this wonderful letter. In a year of submission, we must submit to the wind of change that comes into our lives.

Following Penny's article is a short note from Linda Heidler, one of the Pastors and Counselors here at Glory of Zion International. Linda fasted and prayed prior to the election and the Lord dealt with her over the changes that were coming in days ahead.

I would encourage you to sign up now for Starting the Year off Right on January 1-4 to gain perspective of the winds of change that will be coming through the year ahead. More details on that gathering are provided at the close of this email.

Chuck Pierce

How Will You Bend with the Wind of Change? by Penny Jackson

Three months have passed since Hurricane Ike visited us in the Houston area. While most things are back in order in my part of Houston, an odd uprooted tree can still be seen, and those with fireplaces will have all of the firewood they need for this year, hand delivered to their house by Ike.

Although I had plywood over most of my windows, there was one uncovered window in my kitchen, and in my braver moments I would look out of it. I will say this: the arrival of the hurricane was beautiful and full of majesty. First the wind bands and clouds approached. Later in the evening when the storm was at its height, an intensity of colors I have seldom seen stretched in bands across the horizon - turquoises, golds, and pinks.

My area has tall pine trees everywhere; I personally have seven in my front and back yard combined. The Lord used the trees in my part of town to speak a principal to me. As I looked toward the horizon, I could see the silhouettes of these pines sway back and forth, reminding me of seaweed at the bottom of the sea that bends and waves with the current of the ocean. Perhaps this image came to me because the sound of the storm was like the relentless crashing of waves against a beach, ebbing and then coming back full force. I was surprised at the flexibility of these tall giants.

The next morning the debris on the ground was hard to believe--tree branches, leaves, plants everywhere. Through God's mercy few houses in our area were affected, but the trees took a huge hit. When the wind died down, people began to come out of their houses and walk around the neighborhood. As I walked through the neighborhood, I saw oaks uprooted, lying on their sides with huge root spans completely exposed. Some of these were eight feet in diameter. There were other uprooted types of trees whose names I don't know. Littered on the ground were a countless number of pine limbs and cones, and even tops of trees. However, I eventually realized that I never saw an uprooted pine tree.

The Lord kept talking to me about this as the days went on. He showed me that the pine trees were able to survive the storm because they were able to move with the winds, even these hurricane-force winds. Yes, they had some damage, but they weren't uprooted as those trees that were inflexible.

I began to see a clear picture of what the Lord was attempting to say to me. We are entering into some very stormy times. The gale force winds will come, it seems. Things will not go as our hearts might desire. However, this is not a time to be inflexible and hold on to ideas and beliefs that no longer have a place in our world. Keeping ourselves firmly rooted with our eyes on the Lord, we must be flexible as the winds change and swirl around us.

November 5, 2008

Dear Chuck,

Last Friday I stayed home and fasted and prayed. I was so distressed about the election. During that time the Lord asked, "Do you want Me to intervene so things can stay the same or do you want Me to intervene for change?" I came to the conclusion before the Lord that if America chose Barak Obama, I needed to submit quickly to this change so I could pray effectively in the changes that would come to this Nation.

The next thing that troubled me was that if Obama was elected, we would not see the Supreme Court shift so that Roe v Wade could be corrected. The Lord said that the issue was not the law legalizing abortion but the moral condition of America being such that a woman would choose to have an abortion. If the law remains unchanged but women choose not to have abortions, then the law is irrelevant. The real issue on God's heart is not whether we have passed a law forbidding abortion but whether we as a nation have repented, changed our minds and actions, concerning the value of the unborn of the next generation. Until that change occurs, we are just trying to bring moral change through legalism. God wants to do more than just shift the Supreme Court. He wants to shift the heart of America.

I am so thankful for all you have done this year to address racism. I am hoping our nation will be spared some major traumas in the future, because of what you have done in the past to lead us in addressing that spirit with its Anti-Semitic root.

Bless you,
Linda Heidler


Divine137 said...

I don't get why you would not find what Dutch Sheets stated correct? He was just about as on point to what happened as any "honest" person can get. Are you saying that you didn't "like" what he said? Well, God isn't about tickling our itchy ears remember?

I don't know about you, but after listening to Kim Clement this past Nov 13th, I have just about lost all respect for the guy. He has just shown that he is a presumptous speaker as anyone else.

First, I felt very troubled in my spirit when he avoided all and any question that many, I know I did and many family and friends that I have did, sent him emails asking him to explain why he made prophecies such as "When your new President takes office, they will say 'What of the age? Will one die in office?'"

He only chose to read out and respond to those emails that catered to him and helped him answer the many contradictory prophecies he made. He decided not to even address the ones that showed he prophecied "falsely" that McCain would be President.

He also admitted that he 'thought' it was going to be McCain. This doesn't ring a bell in anyone's heart?

Then his statements about "I won't prophecy anything negative..." stuff has me scratching my head. Wasn't just about 75% of prophecies in the Bible, OLD "and" NEW Covenant contained much negativity?

Just seems that Kim Clement is showing a side I didn't know he had. Presumptous mentality.

It also seems like he is kind of in a fantasy world. I don't know, I am troubled by what I've heard him reveal this past week.

Anonymous said...

Divine137, you are right on!!

I usually go to his meetings but now I'm not sure if I'm going to anymore ... I am really disappointed .... Do you think the economy will recover before Thanksgiving like he said?

divine137 said...

No, actually, not now. I don't expect the economy to recover by Thanksgiving. The Bible says in Deuteronomy that if a prophet makes a prophecy and it doesn't come to pass, then "don't fear what he says...he spoke presumptously"

Well, after showing us that he is a presumptous speaker, no I don't fear him, so to speak, anymore.

I don't even expect Obama to become a Spirit filled believer like he had us believing was going to happen to McCain.

Could you believe that now he is even claiming that the "Alaska, you have offered us something special...will a WOMAN bring the Spirit of God to America from a political house..." was talking about Michele Obama???!! Wow! What a shame.

Also, noticed that Kim not only went back and forth with McCain prophecies and some Obama prophecies...but he has two prophecies that "hinted", (notice he keeps it that way to give himself a sort of way out), yeah, he "hinted" at New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani was going to be our next President.

It's just "CRAZY", like his book says(let me stop)....

I am saddened by this turn of events. But actually, I'm glad. Glad that the truth has come out and I don't continue to send any of my hard earned money to a presumptous speaker...

Timothy Shields said...

Divine, I hear what you are saying. I was not trying to take anything away from Dutch Sheets, but perhaps trying to say that what he wrote seemed "incomplete" and that this letter from Chuck Pierce seemed to complete it. You know, kind of like the old and the new testament. I kept rereading what I wrote before I published and it seemed to not really say what I wanted it to say, but that was the best I could do at the time.