Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

I just received this email from a ministry and Christian friend of mine, Varughese Mathew, whom I have known for over 6 years; he is in and from a part of the world that is very foreign to me. I have actually edited it a bit for clarity, but have not really change the content.

Dear Brother Timothy Shields,

Warm greetings from Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

By the grace of God we all are fine here. Next month the second term exams will be starting for all the children. Dec 10th to 14th of this year our general convention will be starting. Pastor Biju Issac from Kerala is the guest speaker of this year. This Christmas we are planning to celebrate different programmes. Every year we are gifting new clothes for all the kids. If you are helping ours then we can provide the new clothes. Please pray for this matter and what God says that you can do. Some of the girls will be selected for the national games Kho Kho. They are going to Madhya Pradesh in January representing for Port Blair. Rajashekar IS selected head boy of his school. Jyothy is almost finishing her tailoring course for one year.

Last few years in your hand through we are looking after these kids here. Some times we are facing too much problems. But God is carrying ours his hands. We are inviting to you and your team at 2009. You can come here and spend some days with us. That is our pleasure.

Everyday in Port Blair the price will be changing. Last month 1 kg rice is 26 Rs. THIS MONTH the same rice is 30 Rs per kg. You cannot believe this, but you can ask any shop here in Port Blair. We are afraid next year how we will look after these kids. Evangelism also we cannot propagate open air. Every time we are praying God open the new doors in our supporters, new jobs and promotion their jobs, blessing their business and family. We believe God has chosen some of them to involved this ministry. God will blessing you definitely. You can see in your eyes at 2009.

In our church ministry:----


LAST 6 MONTHS total 13 people baptised and now 9 of them ready for the baptism.

JHARKAND: last week 5 people baptized and Pastor Dharam Prakash is working 2 villages.

Karnataka: Total opposition about the christian workers. They are making case for the pastors. We haven't got our vehicle from the police custody. They are asking money to release our vehicle. They said you are the people converting Hindus to christian. Give us also money. Anyway we are trying and praying for this matter. We believe God will open the door for this matter. Tamil Nadu also the problems is started.

Saturday in our Port Blair town one Hindu group is conducted one meeting against the christian people. "They are preaching many of them converted to christian, we want to stop it." We are not afraid to human being. God is our refuge. In our heartily thank you everybody. God is great. Please remember ours in your prayer.

Waiting to hear from you,


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