Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah Palin got Pranked

I wonder if there is any prophecy in this video. It is obviously a joke/prank call, but Sarah was told that he (the prank caller) could see her as president one day too. She then responded with maybe in "eight years". This made me think that maybe Barack Obama will serve two terms and then Palin will take the White House in 2016. Of course this is just a guess. I listened and watched Kim's Response to the US Elections yesterday (Monday) and it sounded like he prophesied that whoever won this 2008 election would serve two terms. In the end I don't care who is in office anymore. I may want someone else in office, but that is not going to accomplish anything. Maybe what I want is not even what God wants, thus ultimately opposing God. Maybe the truth is that God has already destined and chosen who is going to be in office (just like I thought for this 2008 election) and so if that is true, why stress or worry about anything? God has got it all under control, our jobs are just to trust Him.

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Hi Def Porn said...

Yes, everything is perfect the way it is.