Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kim Clement's: God's Plan for America

GOD'S PLAN FOR AMERICA - "Let us go to the other Side"

I don't know how long this above link will be working, but it goes to a video that Kim Clement put out the night before the (2008) election. I actually watched the whole thing yesterday morning and could tell clearly that (though he did not say it directly) he was prophesying Obama would win. In the video he talked about growing up in South Africa and the bitterness he had over the racism there; how just by the color of your skin, that would determine whether you lived in poverty or not.

Also near the middle of the video (God's Plan for America), he speaks about the Big E appearing around March or something next year (2009). That in turn reminds me of this YouTube video below (of Kim Clement) that I posted online awhile back:

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