Sunday, November 09, 2008

Who is the Anti-Christ?

Well hello there ya'll, it appears that I have gained some sort of audience somehow (my dream come true). Now, back to business. This question (Who is the Anti-Christ?) has been circling around my head for a couple days now, and I was wondering if I could appropriately create a post asking the question without "crossing the line" (which I am still not sure I can do).

I want you guys to tell me what you think, as I have heard just about everyone imaginable under the sun. This is cool though because you can leave your thoughts anonymously if you want, but I would also prefer if you left your reasons why you feel this person could be the anti-Christ.

Now to be honest, I am almost not very comfortable leaving my thoughts here (for obvious reasons), but I will say a few things. I created a post awhile back in which I said Obama was the first person that came to my mind as I was going over a list of the traits (that I found online) of the anti-Christ. The post is (in itself a VERY LONG, LONG post, just a warning): A Prophetic Word about the Georgia/Russia Conflict from Chuck Pierce and My own Personal Study of the Significance of Friday, August 8, 2008 (8.8.08).

Near the bottom of that post you can find the list that I was talking about (the qualities of the Anti-Christ) and my thought about Obama. I think the post itself is very interesting though, as I did spend hours writing it and researching on the Internet some of the things I wrote about.

Another thing that I will say is that someone recently made a comment on the YouTube video (Kim Clement on presidential race, the White House and so on), which I posted online, that I thought was very interesting. I am just going to copy and paste it right now and say what I thought was interesting about it:

CharlieRight (23 hours ago)

"Obama came in the spirit of Antichrist. he would have won the election even if he had horns. His followers are totally deluded. "I will send a strong delusion upon them and they believe a lie," The world prepares for the rule of the Antichrist. Obama has all of the characteristics. Either he is the one or he is a forerunner."

What I thought was interesting was the forerunner in "Either he is the one or he is a forerunner." This is not a new idea to me (forerunner), as someone shared with me this idea about a month ago.

Anyway, I think that I have said enough, post your thoughts.

Timothy P. Shields

Updating my thoughts (9.12.09): I actually removed this post long ago and saved it as a draft. Don't hate me for this post, if you do fine, but the bible says to love your enemies, and I just want to know the truth. If Obama is the Anti-Christ, I want to know, if he is not, fine, God bless him.

Also, I'm thinking that the main way anyone is going to find this post is through a google search anyway, since it is buried way in the past of this blog. If you do find it through a google search, I'd be glad to know (actually, however you found this post, I'd be glad to know). Thanks, Tim


Anonymous said...

Obama anti-Christ or foreruner? Would you say that if he were fully white? How dare you call yourself a Christian! Christ died for people of ALL colors in case you didn't know. You give your phony sense of Christianity a bad name. With your attitude, you could easily push people AWAY. I surely wouldn't associate with a self-righteous, puffed up Pat Robertson-type like you. People such as you bring destruction upon yourselves and contribute a lot of hurt to others. Now go feel superior by reminding yourself that you're "Christ-like" by being "persecuted".

Timothy Shields said...

Anonymous, that is kind of mean, don't you think?

Did I actually say that Obama was the anti-Christ? No. I simply was quoting someone else and said the thought crossed my mind.

Last time I checked America was a free country? It still is, isn't it?

I mean we do have the freedom of speech here, don't we?

I am not TRYING to pick on Obama, but attempting to pinpoint who the anti-Christ is. If you have any suggestions, by all means, I am all ears.

I would love nothing more then what Kim Clement calls "rapture crapture" to be centuries away, but faced with a modern world, it looks less and less likely to me.

Kim Clement speaks about prosperity for America and that is good and fine if it is to be, but if it is not, don't try to fool me because I am not going to appreciate that.

Whatever the future holds, whether good or bad, give it to me straight, that is my point of view.

Just mean, but you know what, that is your prerogative.

God bless, thanks for commenting and have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

What is it with these people? Every time someone says negative things about Obama, you are immediately accused of being a racist.


I 100% agree with Timothy. Obama makes me wonder about him too. Yes, he is black .... so what?! If he is black, then I can't really say what I think? It's his characteristics that makes people wonder .. and who say a black person can't be an anti-Christ??

Frankly, reading your post (Anonymous) made me angry. Not only you are wrong about what Timothy is trying to say, but you went about it in a very mean way. I bet you and your temper bring a lot of hurt to people around you ... sure you are not the one to push people away???

By the way, if you are upset about people speaking negative things about him because he is BLACK, guess what?? He is only half balck cuz he is half WHITE!!!!