Friday, December 28, 2007

I am happy

I am so happy. For the longest time it was hard for me to say that and truly mean it. In away it was not real important to me that I was not able to say that because I knew that being happy is not the most important thing in this life. If a person is happy and going to hell - I would rather spend the rest of my life miserable, but knowing that in the end I will enter into the gates of heaven. However, God is so good to those that He loves that sometimes he blesses us so much in this place also. UNSPEAKABLE JOY!


AcidDrip said...

Timothy, I was brought up a Pentecostal Christian and went on to study Religion as part of my Honours Degree, and id just like to point out that you may have missed a couple of things my friend.
1) Every Religion out there including David kouresh and his Waco followers, think they have a monopoly on "The Truth" (That's why you as religious people are so damn scary to the rest of us)
2) Heaven and Hell are quite simply within us as Jesus pointed out on more than one occassion.. go back and read your scriptures again. Because of this I would say being happy on earth is a good bet wether we believe Jesus was who he may have said he was or not.

Good luck my friend and I truly hope you have a happy life on Earth because you may well be disapointed when death is like the biggest sleep ever ;-)

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