Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It is 4AM and my brain feels funny

Okay, so it is 4am right now, and I am so burned out from surfing this web. I did not mean to stay up this late. Lets see, I got to start picking up the donut containers by 8am. Wait never-mind, false alarm. For some reason I was thinking it was Thursday or Saturday. Okay, I still have to get up around 8am. 9am is prayer. 9 to 10am. Does anyone have any prayer requests? Anyone, going once, going twice, sold to the man in the blue hat. Just kidding. As you can tell, I have reached the "lame joke" hour. Seriously though folks, if you have any prayer requests, feel free to drop them in the comment box. I know I have a whole shoe box full of them. I am constantly praying for the state of this city. Praying for salvation for the drug dealers, drug addicts, prostitutes, pimps, homeless, crips, bloods, the list goes on and on. Praying for the safety for the police, firefighters, the mayor and all those in authority. Even the president of the United States of America. I am just praying that God would lead this man. I know that no one likes him anymore, but he is still our president and needs the prayers of the saints. I am praying for Israel and peace to be in Jerusalem, as the word of God says that those who love "her" shall prosper. Psalm 122:6 Who does not want to prosper? Than pray for the peace of Jerusalem! I am also constantly praying for the sick in the body of Christ. For those who suffer for Jesus' name, for just being a Christian. Here in America we don't get a lot of persecution, but in other parts of the world, forget about. Persecution is off the hook!
Okay, I got to go! I feel like my head is being persecuted. Ouch!

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