Thursday, December 06, 2007

All things are working together for my good...

Pictures from Thanksgiving in Illinois

(My Robinson nephews and me)

(My grandmother and me)

Brian and Claudia (my brother-in-law and sister)

Jon and Liz (another brother-in-law and sister picture)

Wait, how did that get in here? Oh ya, that is my Newark picture of the day. Apparently there was some sort of stand off between Newark police and a gunman.
In other NJ news, apparently the Feds busted a two million dollar drug dealing ring.

Warning: I originally just posted the article below, but then decided to spice the post up with all of the above.

It is 10 past 1am and here I find myself writing. I can hear police sirens in the background or perhaps it was the sound of an ambulance. For the most part it seems to be a quite night. It is cold out here in Newark, NJ. My weather bug says 26 degrees, but I am sure with the wind chill it is a lot colder. I feel sorry for the homeless right now. I can not even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be trying to sleep in an abandoned building or something.

I am not real sure if I am going to be going to bed tonight. I would have to be up at 5:30am anyway for 6am prayer. I slept past noon today anyway today so I figure an all nighter should not be to difficult. The bible says that all things work together for good for them that love God. All things. Romans 8:28 I suppose that I will just have to cling to that verse right now. I went over to Barns and Nobles earlier tonight, I guess just to get out. It was very interesting as I met two fellows; Mike and Hector. It is a long story, but I always go there and I never meet anyone there. They both seemed pretty cool and Hector even showed me James 1:2. Then just a short while ago I came across that verse again. This time on another blogger's blog. IN HIM OUR HEARTS REJOICE If you go down to her Nov. 5th post you can see that verse.

This month of December is going to be so busy here at the House of Mercy Mission. With so much to do here I do not know how I managed to sleep past noon. I love to sleep in on my days off. I think I love doing that a little to much. It is funny though because if I could do trucking work on my days off I would. As much as I hate waking up early I definitely can do it. Especially if I am well paid for it. In fact I find it easy to wake up early when I am planning on it and have something to do. Most of the time it is easy. Unless of course I only got a couple hours of sleep. Now that I hate.

Dad, Mom I love you! I miss you! Hopefully I will be able to take a trip out to Southern California to visit you guys. I would love to get out of Jersey and into that warm Cali sun especially this time of year. California here I come! Maybe. Only if I can sleep in...


-jennifer- said...

Hi! Who are you? How did you find my blog?

faithfullyclever said...

Hi Jennifer. I am Timothy Shields, Tim for short. Our mutual interest in "joy" is how I found your blog. I think that I just found it last night, and really just enjoyed it. I thought it a "joy" to read and watch because I think that we have a lot of of mutual interests, (besides just the links.)