Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Night

So it is Friday night here in the city of Newark, NJ. Tonight was interesting. I just got back from driving home about ten of Tilly's Teens, which is a new ministry here at the mission geared toward younger teenagers. Anyway you know that thing about teenagers being wild, well it's true. I think out of the ten of them, two of them where very quite and well behaved. The other ten had me eating skittles and cookies to ease the stress. I know that is a very bad way to deal with stress, but I was more concerned about keeping my sanity.

Tomorrow I am to go up with Tilly's Kids to a Christmas party. Pass-it-along has ordered a bus for us and should we should be leaving the mission around 11PM for our destination.

I am not sure if I want to have kids anymore, for I am around so many these days.

Tomorrow night is the young adults Christmas party. I am sure I will be nice and ready for that one.

Podcasting is proving to be pretty tricky. I don't know why either. I have found about 10 places to help me with it. I think that maybe this last site I may be able to accomplish my mission to be a podcaster. Time shall tell.

Jesus is so Awesome! I love him so much! I can't wait till we meet face to face. Face to face my Lord. My King, my Saviour, my everything. My Jesus.

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