Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Moment of Doubt

Why am I naming the title of this post, "A moment of doubt"? Maybe because I am questioning what the Lord has planned for me. What is it my King? What are Your plans?

Beloved there are times in this life you may not be able to see the great plans that I have for your life.

I am reminded of that book, "Hinds feet in High Places". I loved that book, and I am reminded of how our vision of what God has planned for us can sometimes be blocked; just like how the clouds in the sky block our view of the sun. The truth is that the sun has not gone anywhere, but the clouds make it appear as if it is gone. However the sun is still shining bright behind the clouds, just like how what God has planned for us can look as if it is gone, but it is just an illusion. Truly the Lord has great plans, but it is just a little cloudy out so we can't see them. Do real clouds eventually go away? Absolutely. So the the question then becomes, will the clouds in our lives eventually go away to show the glorious plans that God has for all of us. I believe it... It is going to get better...

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