Saturday, December 08, 2007


Today was one of those days that I asked, "why me?" I am speaking of the part from around 3pm to 6:30pm. I went up with Tilly's Kids to Sparta, NJ, today. One of the activities involved was making gingerbread houses. I think that I started to get a sick feeling when we had to figure out away to get about 20 gingerbread houses on Styrofoam plates on a school bus, without making a mess. In the end we did make a mess, but it was inside a large cardboard box. My second wave of panic started to hit me as I was driving home some of the kids in the church van, and realized I would not be able to make a 6pm engagement. I had to postpone until 6:30pm and even then I was over 5 minutes late.

There is something weird that keeps happening to me. I keep seeing this homeless guy around, but he he always acts like my friend. The more friendlier you are to him the more he feels comfortable asking you for a dollar or two. I was in Starbucks and I knew that there was no escape from him. A funny thing happened though. I ordered the wrong drink and the Lord told me to give it to him. I ordered a Chi tea, but I really wanted a Chi Latte. So I was like no, I can't just give him a drink like that, but then I thought, why not? He says he is homeless and acts like my friend. For that reason I am going to give it to him, and so I did. He asked me, "What is this?

I said, "Drink it and find out."

There where a few people who saw that interaction, and immediately he got up to ask me for something else and I said, "No."

He began to ask me again for something, and I said, "no" again, but also added that that is what the Lord told me to give him. "The Lord just told me to give you that, and nothing else," I said to him. That is when he stopped anymore efforts to get anything else, and he even chuckled a little. I thought that it was interesting the effects of speaking my mind had on him... It pacified him.

I am so tired. I got up around 7:45am to go and pick up the donut containers at Dunkin Donuts, for our noon day service here at the House of Mercy Mission. I guess that would not have been that bad, but I have had a fickle habit lately of staying up late the night I am supposed to work. I was doing a lot of things, but the last thing I was trying to do before I went to bed was get a message preached here, from awhile ago, online. That attempt actually failed... I am just so tired right now that I just need to lay down for a bit...

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