Saturday, October 04, 2008

The BlackBerry Journals - 10.4.08

Beloved, a cold has come to attack you, but don't let that discourage you. After the cold comes the beauty. Beloved, you can see the future and it is a marvelous future. You have a very marvelous future that awaits you beloved. Blessings upon blessings await you in the days ahead. They peek out as if behind trees on the path you are walking on. They peek out and look for you and await with great anticipation for when you will walk by. The blessings shall jump out at you beloved, and say, "Here I am!" They shall jump into your arms and you shall be blessed beyond anything you had originally hoped for when you started walking on the righteous path to heaven. Beloved, great blessings await you. Even as you say in your heart, "I wish I had this, and I wish I had that," these blessings shall even be greater then what you are wishing for. Today promises to be an awesome day beloved. Even this day, you shall walk past a great blessing and it shall jump into your arms. You will be able to do nothing but accept it. An even larger blessing awaits you though, beloved. It is calling your name, saying, "I can't wait till you walk by." It is in your near future too and when you walk by it will nearly knock you over with joy.

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