Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kim Clement Prophesying McCain and Palin Winning Presidential Election

I am creating this post to discuss whether or not Kim Clement is really prophesying John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to win the 2008 presidential election. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and any prophecies to back up your position and view on what he is prophesying in the comments section.

Personally I believe he is prophesying that McCain and Palin are going to win based mostly on this prophecy that I retrieved out of the vault:

June 21, 2008 - San Jose, CA

"And when there shall be the change of hands, there will be the change of arms in this country as you know. And when your new President comes in, they will say, "what of the age? What of the age? Will one die in office?" God said, it matters not, for I will bring civility because I will take three of your enemies and make them your footstool. I will take three of your enemies and I will make them your friends, says the Lord of Hosts, for there's going to be tremendous discoveries in the soil of the ancient China and God said, rejoice for tonight you are hearing the mysteries and the secrets about America. I am planning great things for you, says the Lord!"

However, others have displayed prophecies by him that seem to contradict the one above and that is why I am making this post. If I can, I will attempt to explain any other prophecies that people may be concerned about, if they are posted in the comments section.

Here is a prophecy by Kim Clement that someone questioned me about at Sojourn to Transformation: Kim Clement's Big E Prophecy (and the real reason for creating this post). I did actually go into the vault to confirm its accuracy and here it is:

July 14, 2007 — Nashville, TN

What is this that I hear, an independent that arises – a switch in power? God says listen, righteousness shall prevail in the streets of America and in the White House nothing will be determined without My counsel. They shall plan but ultimately it is I says the Lord that will determine the outcome. There will be a very strange move of My Spirit amongst the children of this nation. Come to me like a little child and I will raise you up. There will be praise in summer. There will be rain in summer. There will be joy in summer. I'll send the rain and the wind. The spirits of men will pray, the spirits of men will rejoice it's the end of a season the beginning of something, everyone's been waiting for. America your greatest hour is upon you.

My analysis of this above prophecy (July 14, 2007 — Nashville, TN) still does not contradict the title of this post (Kim Clement Prophesying McCain and Palin Winning Presidential Election). I have actually heard someone say that "McCain is a Liberal." I have heard that "McCain is in the middle of Obama and Bush," therefor, making him kind of like an "independent" (a non-Democrat and non-Republican), "a person who takes the best of both parties and combines those qualities into one candidate." That might be a very optimistic view of McCain but seems to explain the 7.14.07 Nashville, TN, prophecy if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

I finally found the video of Kim Clement's special event on 10/18/08. He talks about the election (some towards the end) and if anyone is interested, here is the link.

Timothy Shields said...

Thanks, cool! Will take a look.

Timothy Shields said...

Actually, a funny little thing just happened. I heard that Kim Clement came out the other day and said it was McCain and Palin that where going to win. If he really did that, that would make a post like this moot. Oh, well!

Denny said...

Timothy, I have found the utube that I was talking about here it is.

In about the second prophesy Kim says “forget McCain, forget Obama…”

In the third one he speaks concerning people being disheartened. I have no clue why he would say that. It’s either one or the other. Why would it cause fear? When Bill Clinton won I didn’t get afraid (terrified, just kidding). On the other hand it would cause fear if somehow an independent got into the Whitehouse. A lot of people would be flabbergasted.

But your explanation of McCain being so center of the road so as to call him an “independent”, well, that makes sense to me. But then again why say, “forget McCain”. Unless he’s jumping forward into the future.

Now, if he really did just come out and say that then that’s fine. But can you trust the source? I don’t know. I still don’t know why he would say the things above though if that were the case.

Hey nice blog site. Way cool man!

On this one we’ll just have to see.

I hope your right.

By the way I did see that others were concluding the same thing that you concluded. I did see that title of the utube, which said that (the same thing that you said). Having read the “Independent” prophecy a long time ago maybe it tinted my eyeglasses so to speak.

Timothy Shields said...


That is so funny! That is the same video that I posted on YouTube, just on one of those "mirror movie" sites. If I removed the YouTube video (Kim Clement on presidential race, the White House and so on) that "mirror movie" website would be unable to play that movie.

As far as if the person (that posted a message on the YouTube video: divine137) can be trusted (about hearing Kim say it plainly), the proof is always in the pudding. However, here is what she said again:

divine137 (4 hours ago)

"what does this have to do with Kim Clement already clearly prophesying that McCain will be President? Kim said on Saturday that the Lord told him its McCain and that that prophecy you talkin bout is just tellin us that God loves Obama 'too'. But he clarified McCain is goin to be President. He said they will say "He has HOT BLOOD...What of the AGE? Will one die in office?...He FOUGHT FOR YOU IN YOUR NIGHTS...a WOMAN will bring the Spirit to the political office...VP will take over land.."

Hearing from the horses' mouth is always the safest, but until the link shows up somewhere, she does not sound like she is lying or mislead.

In the beginning, I too thought that Kim was prophesying that Obama was going to win. It really wasn't until that I saw someone comment about the video, saying that Kim spoke about "age" (June 21, 2008 - San Jose, CA, Prophecy). I then went into the vault to see it for myself and had no doubt that Kim was talking about McCain.

Timothy Shields said...


Steering Through the Economic Crisis - God's Perspective

I think that this is the link that you where trying to post.

Timothy Shields said...

At about 88 minutes into the above video he starts to talk about the presidential race.

Denny said...

Timothy, I posted this response on the other website but in case that you haven't been there lately I'll paste it here.


I’m posting one last thing about the election because I think it will vindicate the prophet.

I posted the prophecy about Kim saying, (paraphrased) “what’s this that I hear a independent arising”? I thought it was a literal independent.

Anyone who follows Kim knows that he claims to get his prophecy from metaphoric pictures that come to him that he articulates to the best of his ability. Well in thinking about the word independent the other night I asked myself could that be one of his spiritual metaphors that has a different synonym when the prophecy is fulfilled? Are there any words that jive with the word Independent that we hear quite often in relation to the elections?

How about MAVERIC?

Just a thought.

amicus said...

Well what do you think now - that Obama is President??!!!
It never seemed that Kim was prophesying McCain to win.

But what the VP - this might - we say 'might' - be where God moves to bring His glory to this nation via the Whitehouse.

I'm in Australia - but I never heard Kim stae publicly that McCain would win.

I believe that the church was activated and that the church did pray anb fast and seek God - and that the churches prayers will be successful even if many christians believe that the wrong man was voted in - NO, I think that the the church won and God put the men in place for His next move so that He gets all the glory - ah yeah, God is not a tame lion.