Monday, March 10, 2008

How to Become a Billionaire

Does anyone really know how to do this? The main reason that I chose the title that I did for this post is to get Internet traffic. That is the key to making money on the Internet. If you can get traffic to your site, that is the first step.

Right now I am thinking about Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. Do you know who he is? He is the creator of Facebook, very young and he is a billionaire. (I must say that I had no idea of who this guy was or how rich he was until the other day when a friend told me.)

If you don't know what Facebook is, you must really be behind in the times, but just to give you an idea about Mark, I will post a Wikipedia link about him.

Now to tell you the truth, I am not necessary going to make any money from this post. Once again, what I am just attempting to do is attract a large amount of traffic to this post. I know that if I can get the traffic, there is a possibility that when I really know what I am doing, I will be able to make a good living off of the Internet. I definitely do believe that it is possible and worth my time looking into. Now, I believe that the reason that I am not going to make any money from this post is because I am not posting any Ads from AdSense on it... Yet. Let me see something real quick.

- no ad -

If I have done it correctly, there should be an ad from AdSence, right above this sentence. I wonder if I am allowed to do this? Really what I am trying to do is show you how to advertise and make money with AdSense. Let me just check to see if the ad came out okay. Okay, I did not see that ad when I published this post, but maybe it just needs a little time to show up. If it works, maybe I can post another ad, just so you get the idea. Well, the above ad is not seeming to show up for some reason, so I am going to try a different size ad below this sentence.

- no ad -

Okay, there appears to be a few kinks in the system that I need to work out. However, for the time being, I have posted an ad just to the right of these words.

I tried posting ads where I put "no ad". The ads did not show up for some reason, so I posted a total of three ads on the side of the blog and on the bottom. I just wanted to give you an idea of how it all worked and at the same time get a few ads out there to test out their potential.

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