Saturday, March 01, 2008

Facebook is Addicting!!!

It 6am? Yikes! Today is Ray and Bianca's wedding. We are pretty much closed today (the Mission.) I must wake up around 10am to receive pastries from Dennis. I suppose then I could go back to bed for a hour or so. I was thinking earlier about all the obvious mistakes that I have made in this life: smoking, getting drunk, getting high (smoking pot,) tripping (Acid - aka LSD,) rolling (Ecstasy,) messing with girls, cutting class, not studying or doing homework in high school and finally not making an effort to go to college. (I actually did go to Essex County College here in Newark for about 3 weeks, but does that really count?) When I look back over all those mistakes there is one thing that I can breath a sigh of relief over. That is my salvation. I would rather be in my shoes today with all of my mistakes and know what I know about salvation, than to be that person who did not make the mistakes I made, but does not have a clue about God and His offer of salvation.

In the end it is my faith in Jesus Christ which comforts me. Yes, I made mistakes, but I know my God has forgiven me of them all and given me the promise of eternal salvation. I suppose, in the end, the only thing that matters is what lasts forever. Right? I mean if I am the most successful person in the world, but in the end I lose my eternal soul, then that is the worst of all fates. I guess right now, you could just say I am drawing comfort in what is eternal, mostly I suppose that means my salvation.

I have been saved. I was like a person who fell off a boat in icy waters. No one noticed but Jesus. He threw me a life preserver attached to a rope and He pulled me in. He saved me for all of eternity. That is what my life is like. It is like the joy you feel being saved from a terrible death, but only the death that He saved me from was so much greater than anyway I could die on this earth. He saved me from an eternal death. An eternal separation with God, did Jesus save me from.

That is what I am taking comfort in. Yes, I made mistakes, but Jesus paid for them on the cross. All of my mistakes have been paid for. That is a good reason for me to be happy. I am free and I am saved for all eternity. I have eternal life. I shall live forever with God and with all those who put their trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. We shall live together and reign for all eternity with the Messiah - Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.

Yesterday I picked up the bible verse Matthew 7:12 - The golden rule. I need to go to bed!

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