Monday, March 10, 2008

How To Attract Traffic to Your Website

This is a big one. If you can do this, then you can quite possible make money on the Internet.

To tell you the truth, I am a little discouraged in my attempt to make a profitable website. This guy who made the website is a professional at attracting traffic to his pages. Of course there are a lot of things that I am not familiar with concerning the industry. I have been working real hard on my own personal site for nearly 24 hours straight (at least that is what it feels like). I have had the site for over a year, but I know that my approach to creating an impact in the world of the the Web, has been very minuscule. I think that the reason why I wanted to get this blog in the first place, was to make money from it. I soon gave up on that. I couldn't, nor did I even earn a penny from Adsense. So therefor I gave up pretty quickly and started blogging about the Lord and scripture. I did it more just for fun. You can even see that in the very beginning of this blog there where days that I would just type out one scripture. My intent was to post one scripture a day. Then I began to think that no one was even reading the single scripture I was posting each day. I am sure it was then that I kind of just bounced around and started to write about random stuff as I felt more and more comfortable online.

Then one day, a fellow from England shocked me. He wrote to me an email about how he was going through a hard time and that he typed words similar to one of my titles into a Google search engine. This is what he found:

Of course though, since I just changed the link to get to this blog, I lost the place where I was on the Google search page. It says that the post no longer exists or something. Anyway, I was real encouraged to hear from this guy. To imagine that someone across the Atlantic Ocean was blessed by something I had written, despite the fact we had never met, was the coolest thing to me.

The point about that though --- Hold on, I just got two ideas. First, you have to fill a demand. There has to be a demand for what you are offering, in order to get traffic. Second, you have to be careful how you market what you have. Did you notice the title of this post? The reason I chose it is because I am sure there is a sea of individuals hungry to know about how to attract traffic to their sites. The only flaw though is that this subject could be "flooded," as says in one of his articles. The title of what you write about is very important, that is what I am trying to say though. That is one of the main factors in deciding where your post or site is going to come up in an Internet search. I was trying to explain that using the guy from England as an example. He typed the words, "When the Enemy Comes in Like a Flood," and the page I posted earlier came up on the first page of the Google search.

Bottom line, choose a good title for whatever you write about, and you will increase your chances of someone finding your post or site through a search engine. I feel like I am stealing Steve Pavlina's words, but I think that I may of had the idea before I found it on his site. Perhaps you could call it more of a confirmation. Anyway, I think that this guy is way out of my league as he has forums and a lot of other stuff to offer. It is like he doesn't quit, he keeps adding to a great empire, kind of a thing. Oh well, that does not mean I can't learn a thing or two from him though, right?

Until next time, God Bless!

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