Monday, February 11, 2008


Real quick, here are highlights since I last posted:

I did my laundry earlier tonight at a cool place in I think Maplewood or Irvington.

I posted a lot today on

I learned there that there has not been a recorded murder in Newark since about a month. Apparently that has not happened since like 1998, a decade (wow!)

About the presidential race, I have been led to believe that John McCain will become president and Rudi Giuliani will become vice president. This all because of prophecies brought forth by Kim Clement and a website who recorded the prophecies.

Of course I can't tell you if it is really going to happen, for I feel that only the Lord really knows that.

That is basically it. I am still looking for a job down at Port Newark. I copied a whole bunch of places I found at:, into my blackberry, but there is a chance I may have not needed to do that.

Also I posted three more messages from the church at:, including Sundays message by Pastor Sam.

I think that is it. I woke up late as usual around noon (normal for a Monday.)

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