Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blood Sport

I wanted to copy and past what I wrote on the Newark Forums just in case it was deleted. I don't know why, but it happens every once in awhile when someone posts peculiar things. Here is the link and below it is the copy and paste of what I wrote.

Well it appears that link is the best you can do. However the title is: 13284. Blood Sport by faithfullycl, 2/7/08 3:12 ET

Anyone ever see that movie?

Well, I feel I like I just watched the female version of it live.

I attempted to post this earlier, but when I went to go install a spell checker I lost what I wrote. I feel fake writing it all over again, but "it is what it is."

I wrote before that I am sorry for posting so much lately. I don't want to bore anyone as seems the case when someone babbles on and on, post after post.

This one though I just wanted to post because I just witnessed something again for the first time in Newark. An all out chick fight live.

Coming to you live in Newark "The Battle of 20 Women." Now to tell you the truth hearing about something like this here would not surprise me, but actually having the opportunity to just comfortably watch from the safety of my own window does not happen every day.

If this post sounds sexist that is not my intent. My intent is to mock the idea that something like this is considered normal and peaceful around here, for it truly is (especially for a Friday or Saturday night.)

I suppose though what made this unique to me was that there was only women involved. I guess also what I found unique was the fact that I watched the whole thing. Usually it is men and I am not comfortable openly looking out my window when something like that is going on. I did not believe any guns where going to be involved, so that made me more comfortable too. I don't think there are to many 'hood' chicks who carry, compared to the men. I am almost positive if men where involved with this one, shots would have been fired. If not now, later.

Anyway, that is Thursday night for you at Mercedes and Mink.

I will copy and paste this into my blog just in case this post is deleted.

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