Monday, February 04, 2008

A Giants' Win

Okay, now if anyone says that was not the greatest Superbowl win ever - they do not know what they are talking about. Eli should have been sacked and the receiver never should have caught that ball. Common, he caught the ball on his helmet. If that was not Divine Intervention... Honestly I hate to say that the Lord had anything to do with someone winning a super bowl, but Eli was supposed to get sacked. Not only was he supposed to get sacked, but the guy who caught the ball was never supposed to have caught the football... You can't catch a football on your helmet (with a 250 pound professional football player trying to destroy you) and expect to still have the ball in your possession when you hit the ground. It just does not happen. That was the play that changed and rewrote history... As Jamie put it, "Unbelievable." After that play anything looked possible. With only a small amount of time they made two more great plays. It was third down and they needed to get a first down and go out of bounds. They did it. It was another miracle. Then of course all they needed now was a touch down. Did they get it? Big time! It was then that the game was over. There was still about 30 seconds left on the clock, but in the hearts of everyone the end of the game had already been decided. The Giants had won the 42 Superbowl in history...

Super Bowl XLII Champion Giants Arrive Home

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