Saturday, August 02, 2008

I met Sharpe James at the Home Depot in Newark, NJ

I met Sharpe James at the opening day of the Home Depot on Springfield Ave., a couple years back. I introduced myself to him and told him that I was from the House of Mercy Mission - - down the street. He shook my hand, while he was with a female security detail, and looked at me kind of funny saying, "that is nice."

It seemed awkward, perhaps he did not know why someone like me would want to introduce myself to him and shake his hand.

Sharpe, Sharpe, Sharpe, (head shaking in disapproval) if you could not impress me (which sadly you where never able to do), you couldn't get my vote OR get me to tell others to vote for you.

Now you face two years in jail and I mourn for you. Don't worry about Newark's future though, Sharpe, rest assured it is in good hands with Booker. Newark is none of your concern now, Sharpe. For your own good, concentrate on surviving the next two years of your life in prison with a joyful heart, it may make the time go by quicker.

Perhaps when you get out, you will still have some old friends to laugh with.

Au revoir!

Sharpe James sentenced to 27 months in federal prison

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