Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Future is so Bright, My Heart is Skipping Beats

Okay, so it is nearly 2:45 am, Friday night, here in the city of Newark, NJ. The local bars are starting to close now, so the streets outside of where I live are going insane. I already heard one police siren. I am sure it was to force anyone lingering in their cars, double parked, to leave.

I got my new BlackBerry today; It is an 8820 and rocks! The only two things that I can think of that it does not have, are a touch screen and a camera. Ask me if I care though, I don't! They both would be nice, but if you really want to take good pictures, you should get a real camera anyway, not a phone camera. As far as the touch screen goes - it would be nice, but I would much rather have the GPS.

The main reason that I wanted to upgrade, was to get GPS. As an added bonus though, I got WiFi too. That rocks too because when I go to other countries (in about 10 years) I can make phone calls over the Internet at hotspots for $10 a month... I suppose, just being able to connect to the Internet with a wireless speed, is the most basic advantage I have with it now.

God is so good! I see that there is going to be a lot for me to do here at the House of Mercy Mission for a while, and I am definitely looking forward to it.

Summer is coming, and along with it, my 29th birthday. Of course the kids summer program is coming too... I can do this!!!


lizzy said...

hello tim, i was looking for kim clement.and i stumbled upon you because i saw my birthday on one of the start dates you added one his his are an excellent person.liked your white boy dancing.keep on blessing seem pretty blessed......liz

Timothy Shields said...

Thanks for commenting and stopping by Lizzy! I have a sister named Elizabeth, who we call Liz.

Ya, that Kim Clement video was a lot more popular than I thought it would be, about 10,000 views now.

Well, God bless ya!