Friday, June 13, 2008

I Suppose I Just Feel Like Writing Right Now

It is Friday night here in the great city of Newark, approximately 7:30 pm.

Are times tough right now, or is it just me? Gas prices are up and the nation's average is above $4 a gallon now. That is high and besides that, food prices are up too. I have not written about ethanol lately, but recently it has caught my attention. I am under the impression that the reason that food prices are up so high is because corn is being used for ethanol. That actually makes ethanol look bad. Gas prices are not going down, but food prices are going up. I was doing a little research and I have come to the conclusion that this nation will not survive on corn ethanol alone. It must make the use of cellulosic ethanol efficient. Reading about cellulosic ethanol on the web, it looks like right now it is in the experimentation stage of mass production. There are cellulosic ethanol plants out there that are being tested out to see if they will work, and I believe they will. What I am really looking for is a way to use switch grass to make cellulosic ethanol. Once I see that being done efficiently and profitably by large Ethanol plants, I know America will be good to go. We will no longer be dependant on terrorist breeding nations for petroleum. Oh Happy Day!!!

Speaking about terrorists, just about little over a month ago, as I was leaving Newark, I came a across a Muslim offering the "Final Call". Feeling a little bold, I kindly asked him, "Did you know that allah is dead?" The man instantly became militant and walked away saying something about "blowing up". The man clearly made a terroristic threat to me, here in America. Of course then I remember that a couple of the terrorist that blew up the Trade Center, flew out of Newark.

Another weird thing that happened on that same day is that a female city inspector gave us a ticket for litter on our sidewalks. There is also a city inspector that is opening up a restaurant on our street. Guess what, he is a Muslim. I suspect that Muslim city inspector called the female inspector to give us tickets, because we (a Christian organization, church / mission) will not let the restaurant owner rent parking space from us.

Anyway, I plan on posting this on the Newark forum to see if I can get a reaction from any of my buddies there.

God Bless!

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