Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tops Diner

I went over to Tops Diner in East Newark earlier tonight with Sarah. One of the owners was there, John. He was my boss when I worked there part-time in April and May of 2007. I really liked the dude as we are about the same age, but one night we got into a fight over something real minor. I lost my temper and quit. Then as I was sitting in my car going over what had just happened I concluded that I should not have quit. I could not go back in the building though because I kind of made a scene and was way to embarrassed. I was praying in my car about it in the back parking lot and out comes John talking to some fellow. It was then that I knew I should just go up to him and apologize. Even if he did not give me the job back I still felt it was the only right thing for me to do, so I did it. Then he lectured me a bit and gave me the job back. I was really embarrassed though, but gave 100% to the job for the hours that I could work. A couple of weeks after that one of the managers approached me and said that they wanted to let me go because I could not work full time. My heart was broken. The manager told me to give him a call in a week or something, but I really felt like the Lord said not to call him. I had peace then, but I always thought it was sad the way that job ended. I even had helped a friend get a job there, but shortly after they let me go I helped her quit. It was all real weird now that I look back on it, but lately I have been wanting to visit them there. I really liked John as a boss before we got into the fight. After that happened though it seemed like it would never work no matter how hard I tried. Now though as I look back on it all - I see that it none of it really matters anymore. I made a few bucks there along with a few friends and that is it. No hard feelings - life goes on. Lets see, I saw John, Larry, Jesus and Alfredo. Along with a couple other guys I don't remember their names. What was his name? I can't remember this guys name. You have to pronounce it with an accent. Whatever! Anyway I just thought it was cool to be able to see some old friends despite how the relationship ended "abruptly" making me not want to reconcile. After diner I gave John my business card, but I figure the chance that he would actually find this post to be one in like a million. Larry (who I gave a business card to too,) I believe, would be more of a candidate of finding this post. I actually had a vision of John throwing my card away, but maybe I could be wrong about that. Who knows and who cares? Over all though it was a good experience and good to see everyone that I saw there tonight - again. I highly recomend visiting the place at least once if you are in the area.

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