Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Am I tired?

Okay, perhaps I could recap my day. First off I was up all night - mostly messing around online. Then came 9am prayer of which really was not very fancy, as our small crew here at the mission was split up because of the NJ Food Bank. Once a month on the third Tuesday we rent a small truck and get about 6 pallets of food. Some of it we purchase at discounted prices. Then there is food that is what we call USDA. This second group is very tightly managed and accounted for. I think then there may be a third group of food that has to do with perishables. I think that basically they just want to move it out of the warehouse and it usually is like two pallets of produce or something. I am not sure, but I think brother Anthony knows someone at the food bank who helps us out with this. I am not sure if that is supposed to be hush hush or something, but either way we do our best to give it to those who can use it. Honestly that is not very easy at times.

Anyway, "food bank days" are usually very challenging, and today proved to be no exception. Lets see, before I continue about that I want to share about what happened before we started to unload the food from the food bank. Pastor Tilly had me make a label for our Tilly's Kids Christmas "Thank you" DVD. We surely did go into the Newark public schools, and we made a DVD of pictures... I am debating how deep I want to discuss all this. My mind is racing with ideas. I am thinking about putting the DVD on YouTube so that you can see what I am taking about. Also I got a cute video of some of the kids singing a Christmas song. However thinking about doing all that makes me wonder what time I will make it to bed. Brother Anthony wants me to return the straight truck, we used today, tomorrow at around 8am. There are so many things that I have to do. Okay lets see, maybe I will get those videos up, maybe I won't... Okay give me a minute and I will try to post those two videos on YouTube for you.

Okay never mind about that right now. I am just to tired and I am having problems for some reason with the media. Getting back to day again - I made the labels for the DVD's. Boringly I put them on each DVD (I have not finished yet.) I think I have about 12 more to go out of 38. After that we had our Tuesday noonday service called; Sitting at the Feet of Jesus. Pastor Tilly spoke about a few things; one of which was about a missionary that our church supports over in Kenya. Everyone, who knows what is going on in the world, knows that Kenya, Africa, is having major problems, so I found it very interesting. We did a few other things, and then she read the 145 Psalm of which everyone shared something that they got out of the Psalm. For me it was the word: works. I noticed that in the chapter the word works is used five times. Then I began to think about the book of James when it talks about faith being dead without works. Here are three good verses in chapter two that show what I am taking about:

Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. James 2:18

But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? James 2:20

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. James 2:26

Okay now I really do feel like a preacher after those three verses. After service I helped the crew unload the food from the food bank. That was pretty tough, but the hardest part was yet to come. Somehow I was then given the honor of picking up 6 more pallets of food from a Feed the Children hub in North Brunswick, NJ. Normally this would have been a piece of cake. However, being that I did not get any sleep last night, it was hard. I was counting on taking a nap after work around 4pm. However, accepting this extra job would basically make me forfeit this nap before bible study tonight at 7:30pm. I ended up arriving back with the truck around 5pm, and then we started unloading it. We did it pretty quick with about six guys in about an hour and a half. The highlight of that experience was as I was catching boxes of juice as Leroy slid them down a wooden plank to me. One of the boxes fell apart. There where six juices in this particular box (each box on the pallet that we where working on at the time had 6 medium sized juice bottles in it) and I caught one of the bottles as it slid down the plank, but another bottle went underneath the plank bouncing off our basement steps and slamming perfectly into my knee. That did not feel good. I was also trying to work off a Charlie Horse too. I had to step out a moment and check to make sure that this is what the Lord wanted me to be doing. The pain went away after a moment, and we continued unloading as normal.

It was all Leroy's fault! (Just kidding... kind of...) This guy still never ceases to amaze me after six years. He walks with a limp, but he is the kind of guy who is always looking for a dollar to get a beer, cigarettes or perhaps even worse then those two. I have lost my temper on him more then once, but I suppose I did not really mind him helping this time because John was there and we needed the help. John can be a very no nonsense kind of a guy when he is under pressure (otherwise he is very funny.) He always works with Leroy, but long ago I gave up on him: for better or worse. I suppose I just got tired of Leroy lying to me and trying to con me. After awhile I just did not want to acknowledge him because he could careless about how I felt he should behave. Whatever though, enough about Leroy.

After we finished unloading the truck I came up stairs trying to fall asleep in a chair, for I was dirty and tired. Normally I would have took a shower and made my bed (I use an air mattress, and every Tuesday morning I have to put it away for 9am prayer.) Talk about a difficult evening. I would say it was about a seven on a difficulty scale of ten.

Bible study was at 7:30pm and Pastor Sam basically taught on Proverbs chapter 5.

Okay, bed time!

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