Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

I just finished here at the House of Mercy Mission. It is a little past 4PM. Today was a pretty good day. Started early picking up up the Donuts around 9AM. First the one in Maplewood then drove down Springfield Ave. to the Irvington Dunkin Donuts. After that I went into the Iron Bound section of Newark to the Teixeira Bakery to pick up bread from off the trucks coming in from their routes. I did not get much as it is the 1st Saturday of the month. Usually those who need assistance do not come into till the end of the month when they have used all of their public assistance money. I would guess about 50 pounds of bread, four bags, I picked up. As I had guessed about a low number of people coming in for assistance, I was correct. Probobly about 25 - 30 folks looking for help came in. With the Pastor's son picking up bread also from Panara on his way in and another fellow who faithfully brings in pastries on Saturdays, we had more than enough to give out to those coming to the service looking for help. Today, the Pastor gave a teaching about deliverance. Usually he saves that teaching till after service, on the first Saturday of each month. I recorded the message in MP3 format and am looking for a place to post sermons on the Internet. I could post one every time someone speaks if I find a good place and have the time to do it. I did a few more things, but that is all I really want to share. I am actually curious about how to do Podcasts for itunes and ipods.

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