Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kingdom of Heaven and Worldly Political Power

I saw this movie fully for the first time about two years ago and it fascinated me, as it is about the "holy" crusades and the political powers that fought for control of Jerusalem centuries ago. I have found a few souls, in my walk with the Lord, that have questioned me about the crusades, and indeed the crusades seem to contradict Christianity itself (as Christ says to love thy enemies). However, the other day as I caught the end of this movie, a couple of things stuck out to me that I found very interesting. Near the end of the movie, one of the major knights (when he is quiting) says something like this, "In the beginning, I thought we where fighting for God. However, somewhere along the line, I realized it was for property and land, and I was ashamed."

What dawned on me is yes, during the movie and perhaps the crusades themselves, they where fighting for control of Jerusalem. However, the grandest part is that Jesus Christ is the King of kings and Lord of lords and nothing will ever change that. In the end, the worldly powers that control Jerusalem will make little difference, Christ will crush all His enemies. It is like I saw the Lord on His throne watching the political powers that be. All the kings and rulers of this earth will one day have to bow their knees to Him and all will have to confess Him as Lord. How mighty and majestic the Lord is, and man fights over land and property that does not nor will ever fully belong to them: It all belongs to God; it is best now to surrender to the Lord and serve Him while you have the chance.

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