Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Divine Evening?

Things did not turn out exactly how I wanted them to turn out tonight. Perhaps, they turned out better, and perhaps in time only then will I be able to know for sure. The weather outside tonight is "frightful" (I had to put a YouTube video in that link so you could hear what I heard when I wrote that word).

Anyway... I had bought a pair of Nets tickets for a game tonight, but the weather just turned out to be to ugly and nasty! Instead, I ended up revamping This is something that I have been thinking about doing for awhile, but I have not had the time nor desire (at the same time). Anyway, if you where to take a look, you would probably be able to tell that it still needs work. However, I am so much more relieved at how it looks now.

So, I was thinking that tonight could be a divine night because the Lord wanted me to remember it. So much in fact the Lord wanted me to remember it, that I would end up paying $40 for a pair of Nets tickets that I would never use, due to the weather, and instead would redesigned

You really have no idea of all the ideas that are flying around my head though, in making a bomb diggity website. Still it is going to take time though, everyone has a life, including me, and has responsibilities to take care of. However, if you never start somewhere, well that is just it, you never start.

Take care, God bless! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! (I will probably post again soon, but just in case I don't, that is the reason for all the season greetings/wishes.)

And yes! You can say "Merry Christmas" up until, and during Christmas day (it is not a crime or illegal, don't be afraid, you can do it!)

Here is one of my favorite YouTube videos showing the absurdity of this new "happy holidays" craze. Get over it people, it's called Christmas (with a capital C)!

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