Monday, June 23, 2008

God is Doing a New Thing, His Glory is Covering All of the Earth

Okay, so it is me here in Newark, NJ, all alone again. I am alone, but not completely because the Lord is always by my side. I suppose that I am just in one of those writing modes again. I get into like a writing mood every once in awhile. I just feel like writing. Painters must paint, and writers must write, right? Am I right, or am right? I must be right... or am I clearly just plain left? Just kidding...

Hum, what should I write about?

I just changed the title of this blog to what it is. God's glory is covering all of the earth!

I kind of feel like being prophetic, is that okay? I know that can get a little spooky at times, but I feel like those times can also be the most productive.

There is a change in the atmosphere, says the Lord, and nothing in heaven or on earth can stop it. What you treasured very dearly in the past, is starting to lose its grip on your heart. Don't hold onto it, let go of what I am trying to take away from you. It is not worth it, let it go, says the Lord. Let it go! Let it go! Let the change that I have been desiring to bring into your life, manifest, says the Lord. Don't be afraid, just believe! Have faith. Tears of joy are coming for you, says the Lord, tears of joy. I have got something for you that is going to change your life forever, but you have to let go of what I am desiring to take away from you. Don't you understand that what I have for you is infinitely more valuable than what you are trying to hold onto? Don't you know this, don't you realize this? Why do you insist on keeping what I want to take away from you? Trust me, says the Lord, just trust me, and you will see how much better this new gift is...

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