Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life, Coffee, Food, Jersey Gardens and U.S. Marshals

I woke up around 10am this morning, made some coffee and ate 2 Nutty Bar packs. I got up kind of early (yes it was 10am, but time is relative, isn't it?) to drive a friend over to Jersey Gardens mall in Elizabeth, NJ, where she was to get a couple pairs of shoes for a friend. It ended up taking longer then I thought to find the shoes, and growing impatient, I decided to wander off for about 45 minutes. Being that it was only my second time in that mall, I found myself enjoyably a bit bewildered not knowing my way around. I eventually stumbled upon the food court and bought a light snack.

As I sat down to eat, it was then that I saw on the news the shooting in D.C. at the Holocaust Museum. (I'm sure anyone who follows the news is already aware of it by now.) As I watched the coverage, I enjoyed my chicken and cheese sandwich thingy. After finishing, I shuffled over to a small news stand, bought a Snapple ice tea and sat down again. Soon I was back up and paced over to the shoe store, where I left my friend, only to discover she had unsuccessfully made any shoe purchases. Ha! That is women for you, right?

By this time, I needed to get back to the mission to take care of some REAL business (joke). I actually did need to get back though and ended up helping Pastor Tilly get in to the mission okay. It was then that I drove Pastor Tilly and my sister to take pictures of Vera in her beautiful peach colored dress. She was going to her 8th grade prom and was shortly surprised, after we arrived, by a black Dodge Magnum which was to take her and her date to the dance. We left before she left to go pick up her date, and about an hour or two after getting back to the mission, I found myself taking a comfortable little nap (I know, life is hard, right? Ha!)

After waking up, I strolled across the street to pick up a coke, but (unfortunately) I spontaneously bought a small mini-pack of chocolate donuts too. After finishing that I found myself desiring some real food. I decided to do something about it by making some coffee and a package of Goya rice and beans. Just before I started cooking though, I flicked on the T.V. and quickly found U.S. Marshals (which I really enjoyed by the way) on AMC.

As a matter of fact, U.S. Marshals has three great actors: Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Downey Jr., and Denzel Washington. I could not believe Robert ended up being a bad guy, that totally shocked me. I really thought all three performed rather well though, and give the movie two thumbs up.

And so it is now that I find myself all coffeed up (caffeinated) with nothing to do. Work is endless, I know, but in 5 hours 6am prayer will be in session (order in the court!) and I'll be on the clock till 4pm.

So I guess since it is 12:45am, it is technically Thursday and that means payday (wha-hoo!) What I would really like to do (besides get paid), is have this post automatically post to my facebook account (since there are people that actually know me there and people I genuinely know too), but frankly, I just don't have things set up that way. What to do, what to do??? Oh well, no big deal. I suppose since it is going to take me a minute to edit this post, I should probably cut it now. So until next time: peace and blessings!

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