Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God is good, all the time, He put a song of praise in this heart of mine!

I feel like singing that song, but I got to be quite because my sister is trying to get to sleep in the room next to me. You ever have that feeling, where you just want to belt out a worship song? I get that all the time.

Ya, so I am excited, I have discovered another way to express myself over the Internet. Podcasting. I am sure that everyone knows what that is, but recently I took a little bit of time to start my own personal podcast. You can find it at: I created my first message the other day and already my profile shows 38 downloads (though I am not to sure how many where fully downloaded). Honestly, I just felt a need was there for someone to show that you can actually achieve something positive in Newark, NJ. This city gets a lot of bad publicity, but I have lived and worked in this city for over 6 years, and I am greatly blessed. I am a very blessed person and yes, I live, and enjoy living, in Newark, NJ. Anyway, I wanted to just write something real quick. All you lovely people who read this post, have a blessed day!

By the way, Sarah and I leave for Hawaii Sunday morning. Wow! I can hardly wait! I suppose the best part is that our sister Julia (the one getting married in Hawaii) asked if I could officiate their wedding. I think that I am more excited about that, then going to Hawaii. I wish I had a working camera/ camcorder, but I might go crazy (in a not necessarily bad, but more annoying kind of a way) with that while I am there. I am sure my sister Sarah, who is going with me, will take plenty of pictures for me though. I guess you could say that it runs in the family, even though really I am more of a video recording/ movie making type of a guy...

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