Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's up?

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What's up?
It is Monday evening around 10pm July 30th, 2007. I went shopping today. Sounds feminine doen't it? However, us men need to buy things don't we? I got a tool box, last time I checked those where manly right? I got a lot of cloths too. Deseratly needed them. Tired of wearing the same 3 shirts to church on Sunday mornings. I got a cool back pack. I can put this laptop in it, I was like wow, I like that.

I am thinking about going back to Essex County College. I applied and recieved finacial aid, enough to cover all the costs. What would I study? All I know is that if you want a good paying job, for the most part, you have to go to school.

I saw something pretty sad Saturday. Here in Newark, we have bikers who do all sorts of tricks, flying around town, with no regard for traffic laws. Cops can't catch them either becasue they are so fast. It would be pointless to try. Anyway one of them was killed by a dump truck Saturday morning. It really would not have bothered me to much, but I came accross the accident sceane while going to pick up bread for the church. They had the area blocked off, but they did not have the body covered. I could not see everything, but I eventually realized there was a bike on the ground and a guy on it dead. 10 yards away, there was a huge dump truck parked in the middle of the road. I could hardly believe it, and it brought tears to my eyes that his soul most likely went straight to hell. after that I did not want to pick up any bread but I made myself go on. Going though down town Newark, there was a group of people having church on a corner. I heard them worshipping God, and I felt Gods pain for his lost soul. I wanted to get out and preach - don't you all realize citizens on Newark, Jesus christ is the only hope. This body we walk around in will parish - but our souls and spirits live forever and only by putting our trust in Jesus Christ as full payment for all of our sins, shall we spend eternity with God. If we do not do this, there is no other place for your soul to go except for hell, where it will wait for the finial judgment to be sentenced to the lake of fire. There is hope though for those who are still alive. It is Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

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