Monday, June 11, 2007

Wazz up???

Alright, so it is Monday night, almost 9:30pm. Writing anything on the internet is tricky isn't it? Why? Because anyone can read it. And being that anyone can read it, that means that you have to be careful what you write. "Bad" people are out there and well you do not want to give them to much information. So I am going to play it safe and talk about Jesus. Did you know that before he was born that people wrote about him? They said he would do certain things and that certain things would happen to him. I have been exploring "You Tube" a bit and ever opened an account under "faithfullyclever". Speaking about "faithfullyclever" reminds me that lately I have been almost wishing I had chosen another name. Hearing other people say it, makes me feel funny kind of, almost shy... Anyway, back to "you tube" and the prophecies of Jesus. What I want to do is put a few links on this blog to go directly to the site and a little bit about my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God. All the glory to you my King!

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