Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Life is what you make it

Having lived in Newark, NJ for the past 5 years, there one thing that I can say with confidence and that is, life is what you make it to be. With that said, I say unto you, make it well, for you only have one shot at it. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, by the way. I can not teach you how to succeed in this life which is only temporary and neglect to tell you how to succeed when the physical body, you live in, fails. That would be a crime that I never would want to commit. For it would be a crime against your very soul for me not to tell you that Jesus Christ is the only way. It would also be a crime against God himself, because he loves you so much, to much for his people, not to share with others how to get to heaven. I know I can write just about anything on here that I want. I would guess that there might be only one person who is ever going to read this post, but because I am doing this for the Lord, it is going to last for eternity. Long after the Internet fails, the good deeds of God's children shall be rewarded for all of eternity. Now that is something to be happy about...

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